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Top 5 High Security Keys in the USA (Auto Keys)

Going over the top five high security blades. The blades, not necessarily the keys, because these high security blades or laser key blades come in all sorts of different options. Either on the standard metal key with plastic head, a metal headed key with the plastic head on it or find the blade on a prox key or a remote head key.

To be familiar with the key blades will be beneficial when it comes to duplicate or originate as well as keeping some test keys.

If you're new into the industry, this is good information to know and if you've been in the industry for a while, I'm curious if you can guess what the five are, let's get started.


Before we start with number five, let's talk about the ones that didn't make the cut. There are two of them that could possibly be in your top five depending on your area.

A part about these two keys mimic the LXP90.


Top 5 - GM HU100 Blade

It is found on a variety of transponder keys, as well as prox keys and alike. You will notice that this is a two track key. By looking at the blade, you can tell that it's very simple, nice, and won’t give you any sort of clamping issues when cutting. 


Top 4 - Volkswagen Audi HU66.

One of the oldest high security blades. It's also a two track key and with the right jaw, it is going to be a pretty easy key to cut.

FACT: This key has a shoulder stop unlike most high security keys that uses tip stop.


Top 3 - Ford HU 101

Do not to be confused with number five, the HU 100, this is the HU 101. This key is also found in a transponder key, the H92, but the blade is the same as the HU 92 although it's going to be inside the prox key. The blades are the same but the application is different.


Top 2 - Lexus LXP90

One of the oldest high security laser style keys that has been on the market, so there's many of these that don't have transponder keys in them at all that are still out there in the wild today.

It has the same profile as the HY18 and KK10.


Top 1 - Honda HO01

If we were to make a list of the biggest paying keys the Honda key is probably going to be number one on that list as well.

By getting familiar and understanding this key, you'll be able to identify a lot of the problems pretty quickly. If you're new, this is a key that you want to duplicate, cut, learn, take the ignition apart and get familiar with. It is because it will pay dividends as you start working on this key as time goes.


Did you get all five right? Is there any that surprised you that are on this list in your area with your experience? Do you feel like maybe one or two were missing? I’d love to know in the comments of the video by including the #LockBoss to automatically enter on the giveaway we do each week on YouTube. Thank you, and we'll see you next time!

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