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Top 10 Mailbox & Padlock Key Blanks in the USA

A great locksmith should be up to date with the most common keys in the industry, such as the ten most common padlock and mailbox keys in the United States for 2020. Make your list, Lock Bosses, and let's see how you did! Finally, double-check that you have these keys in your inventory.

10 - American padlock AM4 Key

 American padlock AM4 Key Blank

9 - 1646 Mailbox Key

It can be found in many of today's newer mailboxes, and it has a friend. It's the polar opposite of main milling, and it's referred to as the 1646R. Although the 1646R didn't make the top 10, I recommend that you keep both of them on hand.

 1646 Mailbox Key

8 - NA12 Mailbox Key

Depending on the mailboxes in your area and the locks that were installed on them, this mailbox key may be extremely common.

 NA12 Mailbox Key Blank

7 - Master Padlock M16 Key

 Master Padlock M16 Key

6 - Master Padlock M13 Key

 Master Padlock M13 Key Blank

5 -  XL7 Mailbox Key

 XL7 Mailbox Key Blank

4 - AM3 American Padlock Key

 AM3 American Padlock Key

3 - NA14 Mailbox Key

It is the shorter version of the NA12 key.

 NA14 Mailbox Key Blank

2 - Master Padlock M10 Key

 Master Padlock M10 Key

1 - Master Padlock M1 Key

It's a key you'll want to keep a decent supply of at all times. This key sits alongside the KW1 from Kwikset and the SC1 from Schlage.

 Master Padlock M1 Key

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