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Top 10 Locksmith Tools for Beginners Rekeying Locks

Top 10 Locksmith Tools for Beginners Rekeying Locks

The Best Locksmith Tools for rekeying in 2020 are?

We've tested all the tools and only selected the absolute best!

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Why these tools? 

Glad you asked! It is so important to have the correct tools when you are getting ready to rekey a lock. We've reviewed just about every locksmith tool known to man and have carefully selected the best. This way, you get to look like a hero (which you are) to your customer!

Let's dig in:

1. Pinning Kit - We've selected the Pro .003 Universal Pinning Kit for many reasons. If you are not familiar with what .003 or .005 or even what a Universal Pin is then watch this video. This pinning kit comes in a metal case with a pinning chart that lists the most popular manufactures so you don't have to guess. What's really important is that with this kit you only have 1 kit that does the popular locks like Kwikset and Schlage. If you had to buy brand specific pinning kits it would cost a small fortune and take up a ton of space. This is why we selected the .003 Pro universal pinning kit.

2. Plug Follower- Having a good Plug Follower is so important. We chose the Pro Universal Plug Follower simply due to it's versatility. Not only is it made out of aluminum (far superior to plastic followers) but it was designed to fit EVERYTHING that has a .500 plug diameter which all standard locks like Schlage, Weiser, Yale, Kwikset, and more use. This follower is able to be used on Mortise Cylinders, Rim Cylinders, Key in Knob Cylinders, and even those weird imported cylinders that don't have removable tailpieces! Check out this video to watch this plug follower in action! 

3. Clip Removal Tool- You can get a C Clip off the back of a cylinder a bunch of different ways but this Clip Removal Tool is the most versatile Clip Removal Tool we have found. Made out of stainless steel, the C part was uniquely designed to cover more than 1 lock manufacture. It also doubles as a Kwikset Cylinder Removal tool for the older Kwikset Tylo style of locks. It also has a point on the other end so you can use it as a detent pusher which is super handy when taking off a Commercial Lever or Knob! Take a look at this video to watch it in action

4. Pinning Tweezers- Now, you can say that you don't need pinning tweezers to rekey locks and you would be correct until you do need them! Borrowing a significant other's tweezers may sound like a option until you forget to put them back! Take our word for it, it's better to just buy a pair! These tweezers have the duo you've been looking for. Functionality and Price. At the very tip of the tweezers they have a notch cut out specifically to hold a lock pin.You can use Pinning Tweezers to pick out lock pins in a pinning kit but if you need to check for master pins or you have a top pin fall out pinning tweezers are a life saver! Check out this video for more!

5. Pinning Work Mat-  This is another item that you could say you "don't" need and you would be right...well at least kind of. You do need some sort of workspace to organize your parts and pieces so nothing comes up missing. This Ultimate Pinning Work Mat not only looks cool but has a built in pinning tray for those large, complex projects. It also has a bunch of space to put your tools so you look like the professional you are when your customer see's your work area. Here is a short video going over it's features

6. Shims- Lock Shims are used when you don't have a working key to take the plug out to rekey. If you are not familiar with this, check out this video PJ will walk you step by step through the process. Lock Shims are one of those simple things that make such a large impact on the time it takes to get a cylinder apart. We picked (see what I did there) these lock shims because they are extra thin and are super easy to use. Check out this demo for more info.

7.Hook Pick- You might be wondering why a pick is included for the Top 10 Locksmith Tools for Rekeying Locks? Well, having a good hook pick around can be very helpful. Really, it's always good to have a pickset handy but a hook pick can be invaluable. Like when you need to finish shimming a lock, you a hook pick! When you need to pop up a stuck bottom pin, use a hook pick! When that pesky c clip is almost off but you can't quite get it, use a hook pick! 

8. Key Gauge-  We call this the 8 in 1 key gauge but it's really like a 12 in 1 key gauge, we figured since it has 8 key gauges in it then we should call it the 8 in 1 but it has even more features! Check them out here. A Key gauge is important when starting out because key duplicates don't have the key bitting stamped on them so you don't know what size bottom pin to use. Now, you could guess but that takes a lot of time. This key gauge will help you determine them bottom pin sizes so you don't have to guess! 

9. Setup Keys-  Now you could consider Setup keys a "supply" but if you really think about it, setup keys are a tool to move the job along more quickly. What is a Setup key? A Setup key is a pre-cut key ready to be used in a new lock, that way you don't have to cut a key each time you do a job. It is always good to have a nice stock of Setup Keys for Kwikset and Schlage. Benjamin Franklin once said "A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" and having setup keys on hand for a rekey job will dramatically speed up the process of a standard rekey!

10. Multi Pick Tool- We saved this one for the end. When working on locks, having a strong, thin, and durable pick tool will get you out of a jam. The uses for this tool are endless and it is an absolute must have for any locksmith period! 

 And that is our Top 10 Locksmith Tools for Beginners Rekeying Locks. When you invest in the tools listed above they will pay you back 10x fold because they are all high quality and will allow you to use them for years! If you have some of the tools already great! If not, no problem! We keep all of them in stock!


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