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This Will Change How You Program Toyota Keys

During the ALOA show, I met Thomas from Advanced Diagnostics. We talk on the phone, but it's always fun to put a face to the name. And that day we talked about the new cable. It may not be available yet, but when it is available, we'll pin a link to it. Here is what the new cable is for and why it's important.

PJ: This is a Toyota, so this will be for Toyota vehicles?

Thomas: Right now. Reported for the 2020 and 2021 Rav4 and Highlander prox.



PJ: Okay, the 2020-2021 Highlander, and RAV4, the prox vehicles. Now without this cable using the Smart Pro, how would one go about programming?

Thomas: You would have to have NASTF LSID and pocket code. So, you have to be a member of NASTF, and then you have to have a Toyota TIS subscription. And then with the Smart Pro, you will get your out-codes and they will give you your in-code. By then, you will be able to program.

PJ: So it's possible, but there's a lot of extra steps and costs associated with that? And you need internet access where you are as well.

Thomas: Yes, you'd have to have your laptop or whatever to get internet access.


PJ: Yes, which, as we know, I'm sure with you talking to people that sometimes there is no internet access, so that creates extra challenges. And so Advanced Diagnostics came up with this cable to do what?

Thomas: So this will bypass the pin code so that you no longer need any code for the pin. And we can bypass if you have a working key, we can add a key almost immediately. So we read the pin. You can add a key, you can clear the key, or can reset the immobilizer right there without the encoder.

PJ: Okay. Now, I think the big question here to talk about is kind of like with the Chrysler cable, it's not as easy as just plugging into the OBD 2 port? So, this end goes into your Smart Pro Cable, your standard OBD 2 cable. And then talk to us about where this goes?

Thomas: So for the RAV4 and the Highlanders, you have to fold the glovebox down. And then there's a module behind that. Some of them may have a plate that's behind three screws, you just moved three screws, and there's the module. And this one did not have that. So we just move the glove box down the modules right there, and you disconnect the cable that's coming out of that module. Plug our cable in, the cable that was in the module into our cable, and that's it.


PJ: And that's it. And then from that point, you're using the battery to power the machine.

Thomas: Yes

PJ: No internet access required?

Thomas: No internet access required.

PJ: And it programs the key?

Thomas: Correct.


PJ: Very, very cool. Now, are we guessing that as time goes on, there's going to be other locations?

Thomas: From my understanding, right now, they're looking at other locations. We know where some of the modules are; on some other vehicles, they are just inaccessible. One of the vehicles we would have to evacuate the HVAC system, the air conditioning. Pull the dash apart, and pull the operator out to get to that module. So, they're looking at other locations.

PJ: It's kind of like on the Chrysler Dodge Jeep cable; there are multiple locations. You have to kind of find the easiest one, which is kind of a bummer because we've gotten so spoiled.

Thomas: Yeah, just plugging it in.

PJ: It was plugging it in. It's great to have the cable, but as a tech support, I’m curious if you’ve got to learn every little part to help people find that, right?

Thomas: So hopefully, once all this starts getting out and we find more locations and everything, you'll always have it in our tips and hints where the location is in the photos on Smart Pro. MyKeysPro will give you those locations, where everything's at. So, you'll have a picture. As soon as you pull it up, you can go to photos, and it'll show you where it's at.

PJ: It's also just another reason to have the MyKeysPro app if you're using the Smart Pro.

Thomas: Yes.

PJ: Awesome, Thomas. Thank you very much for talking to us about this new cable. Thank you, and we'll see you next time.

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