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These Kits make SIMPLE work! (metal door jam strikes)

When it comes to installing dead bolts or installing new locks where you have to cut a hole in the door, a lot of attention gets put on the jig that's used. For obvious reasons, you have to make sure the hole on the door itself is perfect, but what doesn't get as much attention is installing the strike plate.

Wood jams are pretty simple to solve as there’s a lot of different tools and methods, but metal jams and hollow metal jams are different story. So, here are simple and easy to use kits that can save you from that situation.


The first option is the thimble strike. The application starts once you put the one-inch hole into the hollow metal frame and the next thing to do is to insert the thimble strike.

The thimble strike has inch diameter. It has little bumps on each side that will keep the thimble strike snug in the door. Once you get it in there, you'll be able to get it in most of the way. Put a piece of wood, or something over on the side and then gently tap it in using the hammer.

The screw that comes with it can be used to any sort of wood, metal, or something you could screw in.

So this makes a great option but let's go a little more in depth.

 thimble strike for door jam installation


The next option is a bracket. This bracket will allow you to install the strike plate right on top of it and it's going to look perfect. You can get them for all sorts of different strike plate applications, the image below is for the standard tubular latch strike.

The bends in it will place the strike plate nice and flush after you get it installed.

 strike plate installation

What makes this kit even better is not only do they provide the rivets, but the template that they give you. It’s not piece of paper; it's a sticker. Stick it on the door over the hole of where you want it and then you're going to cut out for the strike.

 sticker template for install strike plate

Once you do that, you're going to see the four holes which represent the four holes on the bracket.

 sticker template for install strike plate

Once you have those drilled, you're going to be able to get the bracket, put in the door, and then you're going to use the provided rivets to secure it.

At that point, you're ready to go. Screw in your strike plate and as you can see, they already have the holes and they're already tapped. They're ready to go with your standard strike plate screw.

How cool is that? For a company like Major to be making these little tiny parts for smith's like ourselves, that speed up the job and make it much easier. So make sure you check out the link with all the different ones so the next time you find yourself with a metal door jam, you have the kit to get it done and to make it look professional. Thank you, and I will see you next time!

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