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The Wafer Popper No More stuck Wafers - Must-have Locksmith Tools

If you work on wafer locks, whether that's automotive or like cam lock style locks, this tool is for sure going to save you time, and more importantly, frustration. The must-have tool for a locksmith is the Wafer Popper by Gator tools part number 045B. Let me show you how it works.

The Wafer Popper has the spring-loaded handle, but the most crucial part here is this piece right here. This is the little part that's going to push down and pop that Wafer out.

If you've ever encountered those stuck wafers, I mean, they can be a bear. They can be so hard in there where you feel like you're pounding on the entire lock to get that Wafer out. This is where the Wafer Popper can come in handy. As you can see, it's on both sides; there is an overlapping oval metal piece. It is made inevitably to get some tough wafer. Those wafers are either going to bend or break this little piece here. When that happens, undo the two Allen's and replace the trim piece.

It also comes with an extra one in the package. If both were used, you could buy replacements on top of it.

So if you get in any wafer situation, make sure that the little piece is in and appropriately aligned to limit the amount of damage.


But the cool part is that when you have this cam lock like this in here, and you push it down, you hold it down.

Since it's sitting on top here, it's a little off-center. So that allows it to pop straight out, which is nice. So that's what makes it superior to like using a screwdriver or something.

Are you working on automotive wafers? Not a problem, just like this Ford Focus Ignition without a sidebar here. As you can see, there's more than enough room to get this put in.

There's plenty of room, but one of the more uncommon things besides the automotive locks will be on like little cam locks like this, and I've personally found these things to be so stubborn. Sometimes they're not used very often, sometimes they have weather on them or have been in the weather, and they can get adamant.


So I want to show an example, I'm going to go ahead, and I'm going to pop all the wafers out. And then, I also want to make sure that although all the tiny slits are small, there's more than enough room for this tool to get in and do the job.

You have to get in here, push down, and we should hear like a bit of kind of pop or something with a wafer being released.


As you can see, it popped it up all the way and, on these wafers, what's holding them in there is this bit top piece right here. This little piece right here, that's what is going in, and it's keeping it in place, which will cause you the problem.


Alright, so that's how you can use the Gator Wafer Popper tool to get those wafers out. It works great. Thank you, guys, and we'll see you next time.
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