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The SL-500 KeyGuard Pro Punch Button Key Box

Going over the Key Guard Pro SL-500 Lock Box with a quick and easy tutorial on changing the combination.

The thing I like most about this lockbox, aside from its shackle, is that it has a nice protective plastic coating around the whole body. Anytime you put a lockbox onto a door, and it's moving around when the doors open and shut, it won't leave a scratch nor cause any damage to the door.

And when you pull the protective flap, you're going to see that this is a push-button. It has both the numbers and alphabet in it. Giving you the freedom to have numeric, alphabetic passwords, or a combination of both, like pizza442.



Open the lunchbox by pressing down this metal above the keypad.

Note: You can only press this down quickly if there is no installed combination in it. If there is, enter the combination first to open it.


Once you have it open, at the back of each keypad, you'll notice that it has little triangles in it. When these triangles are facing upwards, it means that they're 'Off,' and if they're facing down, it means that they are 'On.' If there's an existing combination, turn them 'Off' first before entering a new one.



That is how you change its combination.

When it's locked, and you put a bunch of numbers in, it's not going to open. To open it, pull the reset button next to 0 and hit your combination.


To put the shackle on and off around the knob, all you need to do is push the metal piece. It will pop up and allow you to get the shackle over the knob and get it locked back into place.


One last thing is to show how large the box is in it. I've put a handful of keys in there, and as you can see, it doesn't even put a dent into what you could fit into this box. There's a lot of room to put anything you need in it.

This is the Key Guard Pro Lock Box SL-500. Thanks, and we'll see you next time.

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