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Silca Swift Plus High-Security Duplicator

The Silca Swift Plus High-Security Duplicator

If you're in the market for a high-quality, value-priced, high-security key duplicator, you need to check this machine.

I'll show you how to cut a Honda high-security key. It's one of the more complex high-security keys to cut, but let's explore the Silca Swift Plus High-Security Duplicator before we do.


Familiarize ourselves with the Silca Swift Plus. Let's start with the essential parts. This is the tracer and on the right is the cutter.

 Tracer and cutter on the Silca Swift Plus High-Security Duplicator

On the far left, where my hand is, is the handle. It's used to move the carriage back and forth. And at the upper part of the cutter's side is the lever. It lowers the cutter and the tracer together.

 Needle on the Silca Swift Plus High-Security Duplicator


The first thing we need to do is to stick the Honda key that we want to duplicate into the tracer's side. Place it properly using a tip stop, then get it aligned with your finger on the top of it to make sure that it stays flat. Remover the tip stop, then tighten it.

 Cutting a Honda key with the Silca Swift Plus

Next is to install the blank key. Stick it on the cutter's side, use a tip stop to install it properly. Your finger should be on top of it again to make sure it gets nice and flat.

 Silca Swift Plus High-Security Duplicator

Remember: When cutting, you want the cutter to cut, and you don't want to force it. Probably the biggest mistake most locksmiths make is that they're going to start breaking cutters and bending tracers because of getting way too aggressive when cutting a key using this machine. Let the cutter do the cutting; you're just there to guide it along.

Startup the motor. Bring the tracer and cutter using the lever to where the start of the key is. Go slow and keep tracing the key. Do it one more time before doing the other side.

 Duplicating a Honda Key

Once the other side is done, flip it over to cut the other side. There is no need to constantly flip over the existing key or the key on the tracer's side because most Honda High-Security keys are cut the same on both sides. Install the uncut side of the blank key using the same careful method and start cutting.

 Key cutting using the Silca Swift Plus High-Security Duplicator

 Silca Swift Plus High-Security Duplicator

There we go. That is how you cut a Honda key on the Silca Swift Plus. Thanks, and we'll see you next time!

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