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The NEW Smart Pro Lite: The Affordable Game-Changer from Advanced Diagnostics

Hey there, lock enthusiasts and professional locksmiths! Are you ready for some game-changing news in the world of key programming? Well, buckle up, because Advanced Diagnostics has just rolled out something that's going to make your toolbox a little bit smarter and your wallet a bit happier. It's the Smart Pro Lite, and it's here to revolutionize the way we think about locksmithing tools. So, let's dive into what makes this gadget a must-have for every locksmith.

What is the Smart Pro Lite?

Imagine the Smart Pro you know and love, but exclusively tailored for Ilco transponder keys and lookalike remotes. That's the Smart Pro Lite for you – a streamlined version of the classic, but with a specific focus.

How Does it Work?

  • QR Codes: Each Ilco key comes with a QR code (yes, the same one used for the Loyalty Program). You scan this using your MyKeysPro app, sync it to your Smart Pro, and voila – you're ready to program.
  • Free Programming with Purchase: Buy the Smart Pro Lite for around $2,000, and as long as you’re using Ilco Keys, programming is free.
  • Annual Update: For just $150 a year, you get updates with all the new vehicles and keys added.

The Upgrade Path

What if you start with a Smart Pro Lite and want to go full throttle? Good news! You can upgrade to a standard Smart Pro, expanding your capabilities as your business grows.

QR Codes & Tokens – What's the Deal?

  • Flexibility: QR codes aren’t tied to specific vehicles; they offer tokens for any make or model covered by the Smart Pro Lite.
  • Token Bank: Accumulate tokens in the Smart Pro Lite's bank for future use.

Annual Update – A Closer Look

  • Stay Updated: For $150, keep your machine updated with the latest vehicles and keys.
  • Flexibility in Updating: You can opt for the update at any time, even after skipping it initially.

Who is the Smart Pro Lite Ideal For?

  • New Entrants: If you're dipping your toes into automotive key programming, this is your perfect start.
  • Secondary Machine Users: Looking for a backup or a lower-volume option? Smart Pro Lite has got you covered.
  • Growing Businesses: As you expand, so does the capability of your Smart Pro Lite.

Final Thoughts from Todd – The Insider Scoop

Todd, the Ilco Automotive Product Manager, highlights the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the Smart Pro Lite. It's all about bringing an economical yet powerful option to locksmiths.

In a Nutshell

The Smart Pro Lite is a streamlined, cost-effective solution for key programming, offering easy upgrades, flexibility, and great tech support. It's a smart, affordable choice for expanding your locksmithing prowess.

So, locksmiths and key programming enthusiasts, what do you think? Is the Smart Pro Lite the next addition to your toolkit? Share your thoughts in the comments, and remember to hashtag #lockboss to join our vibrant community. Happy locksmithing!

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