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The Best Way To Get FREE Safes - Locksmithing Secrets Revealed!

Are you looking for a way to expand your inventory of safes without breaking the bank? Look no further! In this video, we reveal the secrets to getting free safes as a locksmith.

First, is from national service providers. These companies often need a locksmith to deliver and install a new safe for a customer, but they need someone to remove the old one. This is where you come in. By offering to remove the old safe and dispose of it, you can take possession of it for free. Keep in mind that these safes may need to be fixed or painted before reselling, but they can still be a great addition to your inventory.

Another opportunity for free safes is when a customer no longer wants their safe. They may be flipping a property or simply getting rid of an old, unwanted safe. Offer to remove the safe for a fee or even for free and then fix and resell it. These safes can range from high-end models to older, less desirable ones, but they can still be a valuable addition to your inventory.

Lastly, when a safe has to be drilled, the customer may not want it anymore. Offer to remove and dispose of the safe for a fee. These safes may not be in the best condition, but they can still be useful for parts or even scrap metal.

By using these strategies, you can expand your inventory of safes without spending a dime. Remember, the key is to always be on the lookout for opportunities and to be prepared to move quickly when they arise. Happy hunting!

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