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The best locksmith tools (year review) | #Lockboss Show & Giveaway


spilled pinning kit - locksmith

A photo from William. A picture of his pinning kit looks like in his van that has spilled on the floor. That's happened to a lot of people. It says in the title that the warning image may contain content unsuitable for a locksmith. Just looking at that picture. It's one of those things that the cost of the replacement pins for that kit is a little more than a kit. So, in those situations, it's like you don't want to buy a refill kit, you want to buy a new kit, or you have to separate them. The question is, what would you do besides shed a couple of tears? It looks like it happened right before Christmas, so maybe you got a new kit for Christmas? Hey, William, thanks for sending that in. Sorry that that happened to you. It seems like the lids are not firmly latched, so make sure you pop the latches on.


 why should I switch from HPC code source to generic code - post

I can't see who said that comment. Great question; here's a pretty simple answer for you. HPC code source, unfortunately, hasn't been updated in years now. So, if you want the up-to-date codes, I suggest switching over to generic code. And by the way, if you look on our website there, you'll see a great offer from Framon that you can take advantage of. Get into it for about half the money.


The best locksmith tools of 2021, not SFIC best; when creating the list, I wanted to include everybody. This is just the overall best tool of 2021. I picked six of them and haven't put them in any particular order—a list of tools that came out in 2021 that have benefited those who use them. So, we'll see how your list compares. Do you agree with my list, or do you think I've missed something?

1646/1646R LISHI 2-1

1646/1646R LISHI 2-1

The 1646 and 1646 are for the mailbox locks, like the new compacts, mailbox locks. Found in every little new development neighborhood apartment complex near you. The main reason is how awesome it is to see Lishi branching out to some non-automotive stuff. One of the things I like most about this is that you can just decode it and cut a key instead of wasting an excellent lock.


CAT Field Tester

Having this tool is a win if you do a lot of electrical style work with electric strikes and that sort of thing. It's a decisive win because you want to be testing that stuff, especially when it comes to troubleshooting. It makes using your existing battery for your drill is quick and straightforward. So that's how this one made a list for everyone who works with access control.


2021 AutoSmart Book

For those who have been in the automotive world a lot, they're great, and they're helpful. But for those just getting started or intimidated by automotive work, making keys, and all that kind of stuff, my guide with these autosmart books does a fantastic job. It's a lot of work to do when you look at how much the books are compared to the amount of work that goes into it. All of us are lucky that he puts this out, and it's a great resource.


Silca Flash 008 Mobile

To have the flash is one of the main key machines in the USA today and to have it have a nice lithium battery on the bottom of it is fantastic. There's a lot of machines out there but to have one of the qualities of the Silca flash with the battery is impressive.



We've put out a lot of videos with the Schlage  SC20 Lishi 2 in 1 and talking about the key trees. If you look at that bottom, the SC20 is on the bottom. It's going to allow you to use several different keys ways. Why is that good? It is because when manufacturers make tools that aren't necessarily money grabs, and they're more for you, that's what this tool is to me. This is the six-pin SC20, so any six-pin Schlage on this tree works for it. It saves you money, and that's why I made a list is because you don't have to buy a ton of different key ways. Using the SC20 is a good deal. So, you've been looking at the Lishi tools, and you're looking for one that covers multiple key ways. That's where the SC 20 comes in.


Big Bro 3 in 1 locksmith tool

The big bro out of all the tools that we've come up with and come out with. The big bro is a Schlage cylinder cap tool on one end. It's a plug follower with an excellent cutout to do all sorts of unique individual tools like rim cylinders, mortise cylinders, and the like. And it also has a slot for getting out the master pins inside an existing lock. This is one of those things that got me with the mullet. I love the mullet; it's an excellent tool for you. If you're working with many new locks, it works out great. But being able to check for Master pins quickly is huge. And I'm very proud that we put this tool out, the big bro.

There you have it, that is the six locksmithing tools of 2021. Of course, there are many tools out there we could have picked from and used, but try to include everybody in this and focus on tools that help make your job as a locksmith or unlock sport more fun and more accessible and thought out. So those are the tools that I came up with. But of course, I would love to know your picks below. If there's one tool I did not include in this list, that should have been there. I would love to know in the comment section. Thank you, and we'll see you next time!

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