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Subaru Transponder Key DAT17T13 | Everything You Need To Know

Subaru Transponder Key DAT17T13 | Everything You Need To Know

The Subaru high-security key, also known as Laser key DAT17T13. If you're familiar with the Subaru SUB4 PT, you're going to see some of the same mirroring that Subaru has done when it comes to this high-security version. Subaru started using this key around 2008 and continued to use it until 2014. That's a decent amount of time, although, it's not surprising because this is a fairly popular key.



This key does not have onboard programming. The only way to program the key is by using a key programmer. If you have the right cloning equipment, you could clone it.



The chip inside this key is the same as the SUB4. It's the Texas Instruments 4D62 encrypted chip.



When it comes to the test key and replacement shell, I find it's best to use the same and I like to use the JMA TP00SUB-2.P. By using the same test key and chip less key, it allows to cut a test key if needed. If you mess up while cutting or duplicating the key, you can swap the chip. It comes in handy and for the price difference, it's pretty much worth it.



The code series is a T0001-T3000. It’s always nice when there's one code series that a key uses because it helps us understand what to expect.



If you have an automatic machine, like the Triton plus, it's always the best way to cut. But, if you're going to manually duplicate a key, expect that this key would be the same as the Honda high-security key like the HO01 or HO03 because this Subaru key is also an external four track key. So, it's going to cut very similarly to the Honda key.


A four-track external means that there are two tracks on both sides of the key. External means they're on the outside. So, if you were to fill up the space where the key was to be cut with water, it'll leave a peninsula in the middle.


A four-track internal cut would be like a little river of water. It would float down the middle of the key.


Just like the SUB4 having two different heads that are available, it’s same with this high-security version of the key. Expect two different shapes when you order a key or when a customer hands you a key.


That's the info that you need to know about the DAT17T13. I'd love to know what you think or if you have any extra little tidbits or facts that we could add. See you!

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