Step by Step installation instructions: Entry Armor Patio Door Lock | Video


Today, I am going to introduce you to the Entry Armor Patio Door Lock. Sliding glass doors typically use latches instead of locks, making it easy to break into homes. The Entry Armor Patio Door Lock provides added security to your home by using a keyed, heavy duty steel bolt that fits all your standard vinyl sliding glass door applications.

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Tools & Hardware needed to install the Entry Armor Patio Door Lock:

  • ⅛ inch & ½ inch drill bit
  • Power Drill (screw gun)
  • 2 phillips-head screws

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Make sure the slider door is completely closed and locked
  2. Remove the bolt, located at the bottom of the lock by twisting and pulling it from its base.
  3. Remove the two square plugs with a screwdriver
  4. Once the square plugs are removed, you can now install the lock into the door with two phillips screws.
  5. Be sure to leave a ¼-inch gap between the lock and the top of the slider track.
  6. Mark the tip of your bolt with lipstick or marker to mark your hole.
  7. Push the bolt through the lock to mark your hole in the slider track.
  8. Once marked, remove the bolt and phillips screws to remove the lock.
  9. Now, you can drill the marked hole in the slider door track.
  10. Place the lock back in place and re-screw the phillips screws. Cover the screws with your square plugs.
  11. Push the bolt completely in the lock as it enters your drilled hole in the slider track.
  12. Use your keys to lock and secure the bolt in its place.
  13. Your patio lock is now in place.

So, there you have it. A relatively easy and cost-effective solution to secure your patio doors at home. 

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