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Start Programming Vehicles Without Breaking The Bank!

If you're looking at getting started in the key programming business, and want to test the waters, or you live in a small market where you can't necessarily justify spending a lot of money on the key programmer due to the amount of use that you'll be able to use it, this IKey820 is a great machine to start with. It has a large coverage base, and the price is low. But I just want to touch on support. It is one thing I want to be clear about and I think if you go into it with the right expectations, you won't be disappointed. And that is with this machine, if you want support, you'll be getting it through either a Facebook group, or email or I'm sure Skype as well. So there's not going to be a number that you can call during normal USA business hours and get support, at least at this time.

Now that everything is clear, here's a step-by-step demonstration on how you can program a 2007 Ford Escape using the Autek IKey820 key programmer.

The exciting thing about this Autek machine is there's no power button. The way you power it up is by plugging the cable into the OBD 2 port, then wait for the menu to load.

 Autek IKey820 key programmer

This is where you'll start your selection. So we're going to be doing key programs. So we'll go ahead and hit OK.

 how to key programming

Look for Ford USA and hit OK.

 Using the Autek IKey820 key programmer

You can go by system or by vehicle; I'm going to go by vehicle. Look for Escape and then click 2007.

 Autek IKey820 key programmer

There will be two options, Type 1 or Type 2. Since I don't know if it's a type one or type two system, I'm just going to try to type 1 and hit OK, loading the database.

It says, 'Turn ignition on.' So I went ahead, and I duplicated a key. I'll go ahead, and I'll put it in the ignition and turn it on.

 Autek IKey820 key programmer

So we have it on, hit OK. It's connecting, and we're going to add a key. So the options we have here are to Add a key and All keys lost. You can see how many keys have been programmed on it. Let's continue by going to hit OK on Add key.

 how to duplicate keys

It says, 'Insert new and turn ignition on.' So that's what I just did, I'll hit OK again, and it'll say there's a total of four keys programmed to this. It's communicating, and Success pops up.

 Autek IKey820 key programmer

After each successful programming, unplug the machine down with the OBD 2 and test your newly programmed key.

All right, and there we go. So that's how quick and easy it is to program a key on this Autek IKey820. Thank you, guys, and we'll see you next time.

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