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Signal Blocking Key Hider by Lucky Line

Signal Blocking Key Hider by Lucky Line

The Signal Blocking Key Hider by Lucky Line leveled up your standard Velcro-style key hider and modernizing it by adding two features:

  • It's going to accommodate a large remote head style of keys;
  • and they've built it with signal-blocking technology, so it's going to prevent relay hack and block the RFID signals. 


You can buy these key hiders in two ways. The first is to buy them individually in retail packaging like you see right here.


The second is to buy them in a retail counter kit with 12 pieces.



On the back is Velcro; you need to peel off the back piece with adhesive and stick it to where you want to keep the pouch. After that, you go ahead and stick it in the pouch. As you can see, it's a large piece of Velcro. So, you don't have to worry about the key not being stained, especially the type of costly keys.



Inside is a colored area; it is where the signal blocking technology is. There's also a little pouch upfront here that could accommodate a metal-headed key or something.



But the question is, 'how well it will do versus a signal tester for the battery?' As I hit a button on the key, the tester detecting a signal because it jumped to 'Good.'


So when I put the key inside the pouch with signal blocking technology and push the button of the key, there is no movement with the red light on the signal detector.  


This is the Signal Blocking Key Hider by a Lucky Line. Check the links for the single and the retail kit. Thanks, and we'll see you next time.

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