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SFIC Rekey STRESS- You Need this Locksmith Tool (locksmith tip)

Do you work with SFIC products, pinning or rekeying them? You can have a lot going on. You have your capping block, pinning kit, pinning chart, and keys. All sorts of stuff are going on. It can get a little overwhelming at times, especially if you're new. When you have everything set out, it can be a lot. Well, if you've ever had this thought or feeling, I have a product perfect for you.

You can check out these products or purchase them at the links below. These two products are the full-size LockCaddy and the Mini. Since the Mini is just a smaller version, I'll focus on the large one. But I want you to have a good look at the small one to see what features it has that are the same as the big ones or which ones it's missing.



The main feature you will love about this tool starts in the middle. It is the pinning station. You take your core and put it in; then, you can pin it.


Once done putting all the pins in, you can check it with the Go-No-Go before putting the springs or caps on.


You always go from pinning locks to putting the springs then caps them. But, most of the time, people want to batch them together. They want to get all of their keying done and then cap them all. That is why there are waiting stations in LockCaddy. Ten for the big one and four on the Mini. It is a helpful feature because after you spend all the time pinning up one of the cylinders, it is tragic to have it dump or spill over and start over.


I want to highlight the little places where you can put minor parts, tailpieces, or keys. So, having these different little spots next to the cores will allow you to keep track of the keys that go to the cores.


At the end of the LockCaddy lies a pretty cool feature. A slot to stamp the top of the face or the upper side of the cylinder to identify it.


Just a quick reminder, never stamp the cylinder where the plug spins.


Last but not least is this piece. It is not a follower because you don't need a follower with SFIC cores.


It is a quick tailpiece turner. So, this alignment tool will come in handy when a tailpiece is not aligned perfectly.


The LockCaddy is made out of ABS; it's hard plastic to last a long time. The LockCaddy is meant to be mobile. You'll notice pins at the end and holes on the bottom; they are there, so you can buy several of these and stack them up. They even make a handle tool that you can put on top of it to carry around if you need to.


When you make a little mistake, these two chambers next to the central pinning station have some extra deep compartments that will allow you to put your cylinder upside down. By then, you'll be able to push it out with your ejector pin.


And there you have it, a product made by West that has been thought through to help everyone get their pinning station organized. I'd love to know how you find these Lock Caddies helpful, especially these SFIC ones! Comment it on our video and make sure that you include the #LockBoss to automatically get entered in to win one of five free prizes we give away every Tuesday on YouTube. Thank you, and we'll see you next time.

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