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Schlage LFIC - Missing Control Pin? How to make QUICKLY

Hey there, lock enthusiasts! Ever found yourself elbow-deep in a Schlage Large Format Interchangeable Core (LFIC) rekeying, only to discover that the tiny, yet crucial, control pin has gone missing? Fear not! We've got a quick fix that'll save your day and keep those pins popping.

The Problem: A Vanishing Control Pin

When working with LFIC systems, losing the control pin isn't just annoying—it can bring your work to a screeching halt. This little pin is essential for the functionality of the lock, residing in a special hole at the end of the plug. It's what makes the magic happen at the back of the LFIC, interacting with the locking mechanism to allow core removal and insertion. Lose this, and you might as well pack up and go home... or should you?

The Quick Fix Solution

Here's a step-by-step guide to crafting your own control pin from common locksmith materials:

  • Identify Your Substitute: Start with a standard cylinder, like a GMS K001 or an Ilco 1539 cylinder. You're looking for the cylinder cap pin, which usually keeps the screw cap in place.

  • Size It Up: The Schlage cylinder cap pin, often available in your toolbox or can be bought in packs, is your new hero. Check for a tapered edge, which is what you'll work with.

  • Custom Cutting: Using tools like bolt cutters or a Dremel, trim the pin to just under flush length. This ensures it doesn’t create excess friction within the cylinder.

  • Test the Fit: Insert your modified pin into the control pin slot. It should sit just a hair under flush, allowing smooth operation without hindrance.

  • Final Touches: Pop in the control key and watch as your new pin springs to action, perfectly engaging the lock’s mechanism.

Why This Hack Works

  • Resourcefulness: Utilizing parts already in your kit eliminates the need for ordering specific replacements and waiting, which is invaluable when you're on a tight schedule.

  • Efficiency: The process is quick and can be performed on-site, reducing downtime and keeping your workflow smooth.

Closing Thoughts

We've all been there—something small goes missing, and it feels like the whole project is doomed. But with a little ingenuity, even the smallest components like a control pin can be MacGyvered from everyday locksmith supplies.

This quick fix not only saves the day but also demonstrates how understanding the mechanics of what you’re working with can lead to innovative problem-solving strategies. Keep this guide handy, and never let a missing control pin lock down your workflow again!


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