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Replacement Screen Door Lock Cylinder

Sometimes Replacement Screen Door Lock Cylinders are just referred to as profile cylinders, Euro type cylinders or Euro profile cylinders. These type of cylinders are very common in a wide variety of different types of locks. Sometimes you'll find them on a Eurostyle lock door. They seem to be more common on doors that have big windows in the middle of them, you'll find them on security screen doors, or even like the storm doors.


The problem is a lot of times on the aftermarket doors like the security or storm doors that get installed, the cylinder that's provided with that door does not match the house. So when you're out doing rekeys and that sort of thing, it's a great opportunity to not only upsell and make that job worth more, but even better, you can simplify your customers key situation. So let's go ahead and dive in.

THE BASICS: GMS aftermarket replacement profile cylinders

The GMS aftermarket replacement profile cylinders come in three different options and depending on your situation, you're going to need one of them.

The first one is the single sided profile cylinder.

The next up is the double sided profile cylinder.


The next up is the double sided profile cylinder.

And third is a single sided cylinder with a thumb-turn on the other end.


The beauty of these cylinders is that you can get them in a wide variety of keyways. Like all of GMS cylinders key up beautifully to the OEM specs. So if your customer has a Kwikset key to their house, but the profile cylinder of the storm door that came with it is a Kwikset. You can buy one of the Kwikset profile cylinders in the finish that matches the customer's existing finish, and get them onto one key. Not only is there a wide variety of keyways available, like Kwikset, Schlage, Yale, Weiser and some others, but you can also get the finish that you need. It's just a great perfect combo.

THE SIZING: GMS aftermarket replacement profile cylinders

I compared a lot of the OEM cylinders to the GMS specs and they're pretty close. All within like a millimeter or two, which is great because you can really tell that they tried to make more universal as they could. 

This profile lock has a Kwikset keyway on one end, and then a thumb-turn on the other. And as you adjust the thumb-turn, it activates the activator to open and close the lock.


These GMS profile cylinders, no matter if it's the single, the double or the one with the T-turn, have only five pin. There's a variety of keyways that you can order, but they always have five pins. Something to keep in mind.


REKEYING DEMONSTRATION: GMS aftermarket replacement profile cylinders

These type of cylinders are easy to rekey because they don't have one of those weird little plastic type strips on the top. They use little allen's and they key up to factory specs depending on what keyway that you have, just like OEM spec.

In order for you to rekey these, put the 1.5 millimeter Allen wrench to take all of the Allens out. From them you’ll see the spring, the top pin and the bottom pin, and the master pins. When you have it all out and you have your new key, reassemble it properly. Once you have pinned up all the five chambers, try and make sure everything works before you put the Allen screw back.


Make sure to download the PDF document that has all the specs and keyways available. I'd love to know what you think. Have you use these cylinders before you work on a lot of profile or Eurostyle cylinders? Any help or advice that you could give to the lock boss community would be awesome. Put it in the comments section of our YouTube video and make sure to you include the #LockBoss to automatically get entered into win one to five free prizes each week. Thank you, and we'll see you next time!

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