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Rekey ABUS 83 Padlock in 10 Easy Steps | Video

Need to rekey ABUS 83 Padlock? Whether it’s because of a change in property or due to a lost key, you can learn how below.


Before we begin, let’s review the ABUS 83 Padlock and its specs so we know what we’re working with. The ABUS 83 series is a rekeyable series of locks designed specifically to save you time by making the rekeying process as simple as possible. In addition, ABUS 83 padlock shackles are interchangeable and retain their keys which saves space. They are lightweight and made of hardened steel making them a great choice for multiple security needs.

Technical specifications are listed below and you can see the full product listing here:

  • Z-Bar converts from Key-Retaining to Non-Key-Retaining.
  • Double-Ball locking
  • Body width 1-3/4"
  • Shackle dia. 5/16"
  • Clearance 1"
  • Keys up to OEM Specs.
  • Comes with 2 keys 0 bitted
  • Works with SC1 and SC4 (just add a top pin and spring)


ABUS 83 Padlock Rekeying Steps

With the ABUS 83 Padlock, you're going to key up the same way and use the same pins that you would on a standard Kwikset or Schlage keyway lock. So, let’s open it up and get started. Below are the steps outlined in the video above so if you are having any trouble be sure to view the video alongside the lock rekeying steps below:

Tools Needed:

  • Existing Abus 83 Padlock
  • Standard Pins
  • Rekey Kit
  • Multi Pick Tool


1. Insert the Existing Key & Turn

First up, insert the key. When Abus sells these locks, they always come with a zero bidded, uncut key. Place the key and turn it and the lock will open.

Insert key and turn ABUS 83 Padlock

2. Locate and Loosen the Screw

There is a screw in the bottom of the chamber where the shackle is placed to lock. Using a Phillips screwdriver, loosen the screw and the lock cylinder mechanism will slide out the bottom of the lock.

3. Remove the Z Bar

Locate the Z shaped bar on the bottom of the lock mechanism. Remove the Z bar and place it to the side. You will replace it again after you rekey the lock.

Remove the Z Bar from ABUS-83-Padlock

4. Access the Pinning Window

The pinning window on the Abus 83 Padlock makes it simple and quick to rekey. With the key inserted into the mechanism, you will be able to turn it to the right but not to the left where you would be able to access the pins.To get to the pinning window, turn the mechanism over and locate the pin that is stopping the window from letting you view the pins. Pushing in the back pin and turning the key at the same time will allow the pins to come into view.

5. Adding a Pin (optional step)

The sixth chamber on the Abus 83 Padlock is empty by default. It’s not necessary to add a sixth pin but you can add it if desired. To place the sixth pin, you’ll need to add the additional top pin, spring, and little cap that was provided in the pinning kit. To add it, turn the key until the sixth chamber is under the hole on the side of the lock mechanism and drop in the pin, spring and cap. Then turn the key back so that you are able to view all six pins in the pinning window.

The Pins on a ABUS 83 Padlock

6. Remove the pins

Turn the key until the pins show in the pinning window and turn the lock over into your hand to dump the existing pins out. Remove the key and replace with the key from the new pinning set.

7. Repin & rekey the lock

To pin, add the pin sizes that match the new key and turn the key to the right to test it. The pin that you pushed in earlier on the back of the lock will pop out closing the pinning window and you will no longer be able to turn the key far to the left.

Adding pins to the ABUS 83 Padlock

8. Replace the Z bar

Remove the key from the lock and replace the Z bar that you removed at the beginning of the rekey process. Place the lock mechanism back into the lock. Using the new key, place it into the lock until the mechanism snaps into place.

9. Re-tighten the Screw

Leave the key in the chamber and going back to the top of the lock, use a Phillips screwdriver to tighten down the screw you loosened at the beginning of the rekeying process where the end of the shackle locks.

10. Close & Test

Snap the shackle shut and test to open it with the new key. That should work. Congratulations! You’ve successfully rekeyed an ABUS 83 padlock.

There you have it. Today, I’ve shown you how to rekey an ABUS 83 padlock. You can share the full video on our YouTube Channel here:

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Video Transcript:

Hey, this is PJ with CLK Supplies. And in this video, I'm going to show you how to rekey an Abus 83 Series Padlock. Now these padlocks, you're going to key up the same way and use the same pins that you would on a standard Kwikset or Schlage keyway lock. Now let me open it up and I'll show you how to do it. The first thing we're going to do here is we're just going to stick the key in. Now when Abus sells these locks, they always come with this just zero bidded, uncut key. So you're just going to stick that key in. You're going to turn it. You're going to pop it open here. You're going to see this Phillips screw down there. We're going to go ahead and loosen that up just like that and this cylinder's going to come out the bottom, okay? Oh, there's that little Z bar. Move that off to the side. I'll put a note below in about the Z bar. You can watch a video on that. And here you are.

So you're going to see there's this nice pinning window right here, which makes it really quick and easy and simple to rekey these locks. Now in order to, if I hold it like this and you can see is that can turn it to the right, but I can't turn it to the left to get to this window here to pin the lock. So is what I'm going to do on this other side on the back, you're going to see this little pin here. So is what you have to do, and it's a little bit awkward here, is you just have to push this pin in and turn at the same time.

So I turn with this hand. And so is what I'm going to do is I'm going to turn it enough, I'm going to move this over, and now you can see all of the pins so we can rekey it. Now you'll notice that the six chamber is empty, so if we were going to pin up a six pin lock, they provide us with the top pin, the spring, and this little cap. So you're really just going to dump it in. Let me move this a little bit and I'll show you. You're just going to put the top pin, the spring, and then the little cap on here to keep it there. So it's really easy to switch from a five pin to a six pin lock.

Now once we have this exposed here, we're going to just dump this out, all right? Just like that. I'm going to take this key out. I'm going to put this Kwikset key that will pin it up to. We've got a pin kit right up above here. Let me go ahead and just pin it up. So the cuts are at two, one, one, five, two. So we're going to go two, one, one, five, two. Just like that.

All right, as you can see all that, they're right in there so we can even test it, which is nice. You can test it right there and make sure everything's good and once it's good, you're just going to snap it back. That pin's going to pop back out right there. So it's not going to go to the left again and you're good to go. All we have to do now is we'll put this Z bar back on here like that. Stick this back in the lock. Now when you get it here, you just have to turn it. It'll snap in. We'll tighten up this Phillips screw just like that. And there we go. So we're going to just snap this back in and we're good to go.

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