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Most Accurate and Fast Schlage Key Punch Machine

Do you love key machines as much as I do? We've been having fun with the KX-1 key machine by Framon. It's essentially an electronic punch machine. If a manual punch machine and electronic code machine had a baby, it's going to look like the KX-1. I’ve showed you how to cut an SFIC key on it and if you haven't seen that I'll put a link in the notes below. But today, I want to show you how to cut a Schlage key with it as well as tackling the attachments. I want to show you how easily you can swap them because once you had the initial investment in on the Framon KX-1, getting the additional attachments, depending on if you need a cutter or not, you're going to be right around $450; much less if you don't need the cutter.


Before we cut a Schlage key, let's talk about the attachments and how to change them. These are the three item: the cutter wheel, the depth, and the spacing.


Use the Allen wrench that was provided with the machine to unscrew. Once done, take it out. Take the screw and put the other one on before screwing it back together. While putting it on, it will self-align. This applies for the depth and spacing knob.



Switch the jaw around because it's the best SFIC on one side, and then it's going to be your standard on the other.


Once you have it there, all you have to do is just get this clamp, put back down a little bit, and you're ready to go.



Now that we have it all set up for Schlage, let's cut a key. Make sure to prepare a cylinder to test if the newly cut key will work.

Put your SC1 here and clamp it down. Turn on the machine and follow your cuts. In this example the cuts are 31442.


Once done cutting, buff the key and check if it works.


How cool is the KX-1 machine? To switch it from SFIC to Schlage is impressive and to a cut a key like that right afterwards is absolutely great. Thank you, and we'll see you next time.

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