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Make Money Recycling Keys

If you work with locks and keys, that means you're going to have to cut a lot of keys and sometimes, you're going to make boo boos, and you can throw them in the garbage or you can throw them in a bin and turn them into cash.


Same with the shavings, you have to do something with them when you get done cutting keys. Now you could just scoop them right into the garbage or you could also scoop them into a bail and turn them into cash. The big thing that you have to remember is that you don't want to mix your miscut keys with your brass shavings because the recycling yards view them differently and you're going to get more money for your miscut keys than you will in your brass key shavings. If you put your brass keys into the shavings, they're only going to give you the shaving price and it's really amazing overtime how much you can accumulate.


We had two pretty much full five gallon buckets of the brass shavings, and we had about a half of a five gallon bucket of just miscut brass keys. When they weighed them, it ended up being about 40 pounds of the shavings total and about 40 pounds of the keys total. At the end, it is about $112 for what you see in that picture, $112 isn't bad, that'll buy you a tool or two or really whatever you want, and it's a really cool extra way to make some money.


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