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Locksmithing 101 | Townsteel 5000 Series Bluetooth Lock with Audit Trail

Upgrade your locksmithing skills with the latest technology. Learn how to program and unlock a TownSteel 5000 - Series with App. In the previous blog, I’ve tackled unlocking TownSteel locks out of the box without buying anything extra by key, keypad, and RFID code. Make sure you get the Bluetooth Option when buying a TownSteel 5000 series because this time, we’ll go over the Bluetooth side of these locks without the need to purchase anything else. All you need to do is go to your App Store and download the TSE Home app. Be impressed with the capabilities that the free app has for these locks!



Download the TSE App at any Play Store whether it's Android or iPhone. Click on the app and click ‘Set up our first device.’ Go to Bluetooth lock, a computer generated voice will guide and tell us to press the reset button.

 Unlock a TownSteel 5000

At the back of the lock, take off the cover. Essentially all of the Townsteel locks look fairly the same, hit the little reset button as you can see at the image below. When you hear the beep noise, hit next and wait patiently until it connects.

 Remove the back cover of the TownSteel 5000

Let it go through and connect. It's really that simple to connect the two. Make sure that your cell phone's bluetooth is on. It's always recommended when you're using a Bluetooth lock that you're going to be 10 - 15 feet away max, when trying to connect to the lock. Set the time zone from the options to what you are using and tap completed.

 TownSteel 5000 Lock

There you have it; it's that simple. You can change the name and save it. Here you can see everything and check the battery life as well as the fun stuff.

 unlock a TownSteel 5000


Let's just hop into the good stuff, the Audit Trail. There's two different methods for Audit Trail. The lock access and the daily log of what kind of happens. Now, this lock holds 2000 events in it. Meaning after 2000 events, it's going to start deleting the oldest when it's adding a new one. So it's going to be a rolling 2000 event log and how you get to that is you go in here to Settings and go to Activity Log.

 Audit trail on a TownSteel 5000

In doing so, make sure your phone's within reach of the lock, Bluetooth-wise and you'll click Load. The image below is what it'll look like. Right now, it's dumping all the information. You can even see the little star was lighting up there while it was dumping the information. It's going to load all of the log information as well as the user and method used. The admin is always going to be user900. You can generate a text file and you can send anyone by tapping the share button.

 unlock a TownSteel 5000

That's how the audit trail works and how you can look at it. Now, when we go back to this first setting here or on the homepage, you can see these events, and we'll go back to it at the end, and you'll be able to see all the events that have taken plac, just like below.

 TownSteel 5000


Get back into settings, in the options there’s a device QR code. Recommended  to your  customers use this device and use all these functionalities. Get them to download the app; scan the device QR code to send the lock information. Aside from that you can also add two-factor authorization, you can even add the scan frame fingerprint to unlock, and if you want to delete a device, you can see the delete button right there, you can click it, and the device is gone.

 unlock a TownSteel 5000


Let's get into the users. All users will be displayed in this area, instead of users they call it Keys. In this option, you can add a key whether  a PIN code or a key card.

 unlock a TownSteel 5000

Here’s a demo for the PIN code. Enter a password (258258) and hit complete. It's communicated to the lock because it is in range. The indication of success will be a PIN code symbol in Keys. Lock it up and try the PIN code added using your phone.

 TownSteel 5000 Lock

I’ve tackled the manual way to do it so here’s when using the app. Click add Key card then tap the card to the lock and it’s done. The confirmation of success can be seen when there is a key card symbol in Keys. Get out of programming mode by hitting the pound (#) and try unlocking it using the key card programmed using the app.

 TownSteel 5000 Lock


For this part, you don't need to be next to the device, you could be 100 miles away, it doesn't really matter.

 TownSteel 5000 Lock

And for this feature, you can get someone in the door in the lock when you need them to and here’s how to do that. Click on Add Temporary Key, Alright, add a name for the user as well as the duration. Can be one week, one month, one year, one day, you can customize it. As soon as you do that, you have it set, all you need to do is hit send. Information will be displayed with the 15 digit temporary code that you can send as a message, copy the text or share via.


Now that you know how to add temporary users, let’s proceed to Lock users. At first you’ll think that, ‘Is this how you lock users out?’ And the answer is no, this is when you want to add another user to this lock. The way to do it is by clicking Add User, and from there you can send an invitation via mobile or email.



Question: If once we get this lock completely set up, and we have another one in the building, can I transfer all the information?

The answer is no, you'd have to do this for each lock on the premise, building or the likes although it is something TownSteel is working on.


Sometimes each lock has different access requirements, but it's not the end of the world because in some cases you have to do special programming for that. Overall that's how the app works. The Bluetooth 5000 series lock with the TSC Home App is a really great combo between the Audit Trail and the one time used codes and being able to look up and see what's going on and manage the users, manage RFID cards, all of that fun stuff wrapped up inside this lock. Having all these features without any extra fees is pretty amazing! I'd love to know what you think. Tell me in the comments below. Thank you, and we'll see you next time.

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