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Locksmithing 101 | Setting Up WiFi Townsteel Locks (Sell This to Customers!!!)

Set up the WiFi version of the Townsteel 5000 series locks in a very fun and easy way!

In this example, I'm going to be using the E-elite, which is my favorite. However, all of the 5000 series locks work the same way, whether it's the Bluetooth version, or the WiFi version.

One of the big questions you might be asking is, why would I want the WiFi version over the Bluetooth version? First of all, if you haven't watched the Bluetooth version, it's a must watch, check it out! But the big question is, why would you want the WiFi over the Bluetooth?

The Bluetooth version, you have to be within Bluetooth distance of the lock physically, in order to use it, right? With the WiFi version, once you get it connected, you can be anywhere in the world and as long as the lock has WiFi connection, your WiFi connection is up and running, you're going to able to access the lock. You can be anywhere.

The app is essentially going to work the exact same way between the Bluetooth and the WiFi. The big difference is, is when you're using the app, you still have to put your password in that you were assigned with the lock. It's a nice little extra security feature. With the Bluetooth version, physically within proximity, just hit the unlock button, so that's really the big difference. Besides that, the app is essentially used the exact same way. You can have up to 400 different users and you can use a key to open it, you can use a code on the touch screen, you can also use the RFID card, and this is the same whether it's the Bluetooth or the WiFi. It's gonna come with a couple of them, you can buy more if you'd like and you can just put it up there, unlock it, no big deal, it's nice.

And then lastly, you can open it via Bluetooth or via WiFi. And that's what we're going to be setting up right now.

There's one extra part that you need to purchase if you want to connect one of these 5000 series locks via WiFi and that's going to be the gateway.


I have an extension cord because I'm going to do it right in front of you so you can see exactly what to expect when you do it yourself.

The first thing you want to do is download the app in the play store for Android or the iTunes Store. Download that on the Apple Store and then get ready on your phone here.


Let's go ahead and let's open up the app, this the screen that's going to look like.

We're going to go up here to the menu, and we're going to go to gateway management.


We're gonna hit Add gateway box, and then we're gonna hit WiFi box.


At this point, we're just going to connect to just the WiFi in the building, and then we're going to plug in the gateway. We want to make sure that the gateway box is going to be within 50 feet of the lock and make sure that wherever we're plugging this in at, if it's not 50 feet or less away from the router, even more important is that just look on your phone for the WiFi signal. Make sure you have a very strong WiFi signal where you're going to plug this in at. Let's go ahead and get it plugged in.


Okay, so it's in the mode we want it to be, we're gonna hit next step.


It's gonna tell us to connect to the actual WiFi of this box here so we're going to go to WiFi settings.


We're going to search for available networks. We're going to connect to it and of course, it's gonna check for the internet quality, which there's no internet and it's just the connection between the two.


So we have that connected. We're gonna hit the back.


When you get here and you're gonna see add gateway box and the percentage is unchanged, so we're just gonna wait for it to do its thing, it's gonna kind of walk us through it as well.

Let's first just choose our time. I'm on Pacific. So I'll hit confirm.

We want to click the Completed and add smart door lock. Click that.


For this lock, I actually already took off the back here, so you can see it to the little reset button right down here. I'm gonna go ahead and just push it in. It's gonna beep.

Hearing that, I'm gonna hit Add door lock.



When I hit the reset button, it sent out the signal for to connect to the gateway here, and so it already is connected. Right now, everything's already connected, we're good to go.


On the Bluetooth option, when you hit the unlock button, and you're within Bluetooth range, it just goes ahead and unlocks. With the WiFi connection, and this is for all users, all users who are going to be using the app via WiFi to connect to the lock. When you click the unlock button, like I just did, you have to enter the password that you've been given for the lock.


In my case, it's 123123.


There you go. That's connected. And that's how it works.


It's a nice little security feature, so that when you are actually using the WiFi, you have to enter the password every time. There's no exceptions to that. Every time you want to unlock this door, you're gonna have to use the code that you were assigned.

And there you have it. That is how you connect a 5000 series WiFi Townsteel lock to the gateway to the app. Pretty simple. You just have to go step by step, just make sure you have the distance right and I do want to just make sure we're on the same page that although this is a E-Elite 5000, all 5000 series Townsteel locks are going to program the exact same way - just the difference of the application, deadbolt, interconnected or just standard lock.I hope this is helpful. I'd love to know in the comments below what you think and I also want to make sure that you watch that Bluetooth video to make sure you know all of the app settings and information. Thank you and I will see you next time!

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