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Locksmithing 101 | Replacing The Springs On A Pro-Lok Blue Punch Machine!

Skilled key cutters, locksmiths, property managers, and hardware store operations will benefit from Pro-Lok Blue Punch Key Machines. At the speed of a key duplicator, these dedicated devices are designed to provide factory original keys quickly and accurately. Any process that involves precision keys would benefit from the Pro-Lok Blue Punch Key Machines.

Over time, the handle's springs start to get a little loose and might even break. Now, when you're punching keys and push the handle down, it comes back up. You have to find yourself trying to push it up at the very end, so it'll trigger to go to the next spot; that's an indication that you need to replace the handle springs on the back, and I'm going to show you how to do that.

But before you do it, we always that you wear your safety spectacles.

Safety Inspector P.J. Slauson

These two replacement springs part number is BP-SPHAN. The two tools I'm going to use are a pair of needle-nose pliers and then the multi-pick tool. It's a comprehensive, excellent little tool to use, but you can use anything with a bit of L bend in it.

Replacement Springs for Pro-Lok Blue Punch Machine

The first thing that we're going to do is to pry one of these springs off. Apply force to the handle, find the spring, hold into it and move it over. The spring will shoot down to the table.

Note: Be careful with how you position the machine because the spring will shoot down after the process.

Removing springs in Pro-Lok Punch Machine

Removing springs in Pro-Lok Punch Machine

Once that happens, all comes apart. Grab and set aside the old springs as well as the bar.

Installing new springs on Pro-Lok Punch Machine

Get your new springs and hook them up on the trim line.

Pro-Lok Blue Punch Machine

Turn the punch machine around. The springs are lying down there, and you should be able to see them.

New Springs for the Pro-Lok Key Punch Machine

We have to get the bar ready and put it in the allotted space for it. The bar holds the bottom of the springs.

Grab the multi-pick tool, grab the spring, and put your thumb on the little foot.

Locksmith Tools - Multi-Pick Tool

Pull the spring, get the bar and slide it, then hook the spring into it. Make sure the bar didn't cover the hole for the other spring. Because if it does, it will be difficult to hook up the other spring.

Installing new springs on a key punch machine

Grab the other spring, pull it up and use your other finger to push the bar to slide, then hook the spring in it.

Care for your Pro-Lok Key Machine

After that, flip it over and make sure that the strings are still in the tiny grooves. You're good to go. It's that quick and straightforward. All right, that is how you replace the springs on the back of the handle for these Blue Punch machines. Thank you, guys, and we'll see you next time!

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