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Locksmithing 101 | Programming Demo On The 2000 Series TownSteel Locks!

To program 2000 Series TownSteel Locks, it doesn't matter if you have the deadbolt version or the E-elite version, any of the 2000 series locks are going to program the same way. The 2000 series can be opened one of two ways. The first, by using a key, Schlage keyway (or any K001 cylinder), and SFIC or the LFIC. The second is by using the keypad. Let's go and learn the fundamentals needed to program these quickly and efficiently by keypad.



Let’s get started by having the master code. In this case, it is set to 5555. After putting in the code, a quick little green smiley face will flash then you can open it. This is a rigid lock lever, which means it only goes down when it's opened. The clutch function is also going to go down, but the latch isn't going to retract unless it's actually unlocked.

 Programming 2000 Series TownSteel Locks


To change the master code, this is all you have to do.

1) Hit the pound (#) sign;

2) Press the master code;

3) Press 01 ( you're always going to use 01 function to change the master code);

4) The desired length of the master code (which will match to the number of digits for all codes. If you choose 4, all codes will be in four digits);

5) Put in the new master code, wait for the beat;

6)  Put the new master code again, wait for the beat.

The last beat will have a different tone. Once done, try unlocking it with the newly programmed master code.

 2000 Series TownSteel Locks


Alright, now that we have our master code set, it's time to enter some user codes. It starts by pounding the master code, which is 4444. Hit 02 instead of 01 because 02 is where you're going to be setting up all of your user codes. Next, choose your User ID. And last is your User Code, wait for the beat to finish before if you are going to add more. Try unlocking it using your User Code/s.

If you find it confusing, here’s a PDF document you could download to use make it nice and simple.

 Locksmithing 101 - locksmith training


The last feature is how to delete user codes. Delete the access by pounding the master code, which is 4444. Hit 03 because that's how you're going to get the code out of there. Last, press the given User ID. Wait double beep, we're good to go. If you type in the given User Code for that particular User ID, the red face will appear or it will not unlock.

 Delete user codes on 2000 Series TownSteel Locks

Anytime you want to do programming, you're going to hit the pound, then the master code, and then you're going to want to choose the function you're doing. If you want to change the master code, it's 01. The user ID codes are 02 and to get rid of the user ID, you want to use 03. So once you understand the basic fundamentals of the programming on the lock, it'll really start to come together and make it more simple to use.

So that's the basic programming for these Town Steel 2000 series locks! Remember, whether it's the E-elite, or the deadbolt, the programming is going to be exactly the same. I sure hope learning the basics here was helpful. I'd love to know what you think in the comments below. Go ahead and ask me your questions. Thank you and we'll see you next time.

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