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Locksmithing 101 | Premium Wood Pinning Tray for Rekeying Locks!

Locksmithing 101 | Premium Wood Pinning Tray for Rekeying Locks!

Allow us to assist you in organizing your belongings with our all-new lock pinning tray. We had some fun with our logo and created a pinning tray out of it. This tray measures slightly more than 14 inches in length and barely more than five inches in height. It features seven vertical slots for pinning either six or seven-pin locks. We went three deep to provide enough variety that you can either do a more complicated master pinning system or load up each line here with three different locks using only bottom pins and pin them up that way.

One of the things that has driven me insane about lock pinning trays is their capacity to hold a large number of pins. I see that you can only put a few different pins in each of these little chambers here, which makes no sense to me because if you're going to take the time to organize your pins from your pinning kit into a tray like this. Thus, you can quickly secure a large number of locks.

Then we must ensure that the juice is worth the squeeze. We're going to make an effort to remove the pins from the pinning kit and place them in the pinning tray, which I hope we've accomplished. There are approximately 35-45 different pieces in each of these bottom pin slots, and you can easily fit 50-100 additional master pins in here, so I believe that the ability to have a large number of pins in each of these slots justifies the time spent setting it up. Now, we've added a few additional tiny slots here, a small spot for tools like a follower, and we've also cut off the key from our logo. I've included some shims here, but you can get creative, and I hope this is a little more than an impeding tray. It's similar to a minor pinning system in that it enables you to place everything you need right here in a tray and get to work immediately; this is our brand-new lock pinning tray.

I truly hope you enjoy it. We appreciate your time, guys, and hope to see you again soon.

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