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Locksmith Tools | 111 Different Key Decoders in 1

Let's go over the HPC Pocket-Sized Key Decoder, part number HKD-75, but I want to go over the two most common methods to decode keys before I do.

HPC Pocket-Sized Key Decoder

The first method is a key gauge like this one. This is an eight in 1 key gauge, and sometimes it's called a 12 in 1, but since there are only eight actual slots for eight different manufacturers, we call it the 8 in 1. Typically, a key gauge like this will get you out of the woods, and it's going to do everything that you would hope it would do when rekeying or decoding Kwikset, Schlage, and maybe the SFIC A2.

The second option would be to use a set of Dial Calipers like this one. This is my preferred method if I'm going to be decoding an automotive key. But the downside to this one is that you must translate that into an actual cut or the deck once you get the increment. So although it's very versatile, you do have to go one extra step. Getting the number would be step one, and step two would be looking up whatever method you choose to figure out what the actual depth is and figure out what you need to do from that. 

Those are the two methods, the key gauge, which is excellent, quick, and straightforward. Still, it's limited to whatever manufacturers are listed on the piece of metal, or the digital caliper, which is great for automotive. Still, it's only the first step in two steps to figure out what the actual depth is.

And I want to show you the pocket-sized key decoder; it's not going to be the right fit for everyone. Still, if you find yourself wanting a little more than what a key gauge has, and you don't want to go to that second step like what you would have to do with the caliper, I think the pocket-sized key decoder might be the fit for you. Let me show you why. So this is what the pocket-sized key decoder looks like.

 HPC Pocket-Sized Key Decoder

The attractive little fact is that this will use the same technology that the 1200 Blitz machines use. They have the same tiny needles in there; it's kind of cool.

Needles in the HPC Pocket-Sized Key Decoder

It comes in this excellent case, and as you can see, there's plenty of room for you to put the actual decoder, there's a spot up here for the other accessories, and it's going to come with 111 of these cards.

cards in the HPC Pocket-Sized Key Decoder

The 111 cards contain different residential, commercial, or even older auto that the pocket-sized key decoder can decode. For example, I'm going to go ahead and do a Ford one, and it says shim silver. The pocket-sized key decoder comes in three different shim colors. They call this probably black, silver, and then like a bronze.

HPC Pocket-Sized Key Decoder

What you do is you put this right here on edge, and it's like for the double-sided automotive keys. It's going to put it in there, and it's going to align the key, typically on the groove. So that's how that works as far as that goes.

HPC Pocket-Sized Key Decoder


I'm going to take the Schlage card. I'll go ahead and put it in here, just like you would put a 1200 card in, and we'll take our Schlage key.

And what we're going to do here is we're going to put it on the C for the center because that's the center cut, but for a Medeco by Axle, you would put it on left or right to decode the angle of the cut.

 Schlage card in the HPC Pocket-Sized Key Decoder

I'm going to pull the lever back, put the key in, and we'll just put it here on one of the cuts.

 key decoder for locksmiths

As you can see here, this is a five. This depth is the number five. It just did the math there for you.

HPC Pocket-Sized Key Decoder

It will determine the depth of each cut, so it will change depending on how deep the cut is. It's spring-loaded, so you're not pushing everything's right here. You can see that's another five, and so on. That is how this pocket-sized key decoder works.

HPC Pocket-Sized Key Decoder

And having the 111 different cards like this allows you to have, I mean, imagine a big metal key gauge with 111 various little cut-outs for it. That's pretty much what this is.

 111 cards in the HPC Pocket-Sized Key Decoder

And make sure to check the link below. That will show you all the different cards before you consider purchasing this to make sure it's going to do everything you would like it to do.

That's the pocket-sized key decoder by HPC. I'd love to know your thoughts and opinions on it in the comments below. Thank you, guys, and I will see you next time! 

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