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Locksmith Tool | Use The Keedex EZ Load Tool When Rebuilding Cylinders!

In a previous YouTube video, I demonstrated how you could rebuild a cylinder manually when the top pins and springs fall out.

But what happens if it happens a little more often than we'd like to admit, or maybe you struggle with putting it back together, and you want to find a more efficient method to do so. Well, the good news is that there is a tool made by Keedex called the EZ Load.

When you find yourself in a position where you need to reload all the springs and top pins into here on a cylinder, this Keedex EZ Load works well.


You can do it manually with a basic follower and a pair of tweezers, but this tool makes quick and easy work of it. The EZ Load looks like a fancy follower, but two significant differences make this tool work. The first is going to be these spring-loaded ball bearings.



When you put this into reload, these ball bearings here fall into one of the chambers. That is why there is a cutout at its end. It allows the top pin or the spring to slide right down in there easily. As you can see here, this EZ Load tool perfectly aligns, and it kind of like funnels that the spring or the top pin right down to that hole, and if I move it back one more, since they're spring-loaded, just put a little pressure on it using the tweezers, and it'll go right to the next one.

Let me go ahead and take this out here. Okay, and now this is a six-pin. I only have a five-pin key pinned up to it, so there are the six chambers available\. I'm going to put this into the back one here. I'm going to wait until it drops into that last hole, and then I know I have five springs and top pins I need to load, and I'll show you how quickly this will work.


I'm going to go ahead and take a spring, drop it down in there, it automatically falls into place. Now, drop a top pin in, wiggle around a little bit, and it gets right in the line. I'm going to push it down, move to the next one. The exact process goes for the following chambers.


That's how easy and how efficient using the Keedex EZ Load tool is, so if you struggle with rebuilding these cylinders. It's a lifesaver when you work smarter, not harder. Thanks, and we'll see you next time!
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