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Locksmith Tool | This NEW 3-in-1 Tool Will Replace 3 Items on Your Workbench!

The locksmithing tool you've been waiting for is finally here!

We released the mullet about a year ago, a plug follower in the front, and a cylinder cap removal tool in the back, a pretty nifty tool.


But, all of us need someone to look up to. We all need something to aspire to, something that we want to become a hero to look up to. And when it comes to the mullet, it's no different. The mullet also needs someone to look up to, need someone for inspiration, and that's why I want to present to you the mullet's hero, Big Bro.

Big Bro has everything that the mullet wants to become. Not only is it a plug follower and a cylinder cap removal tool, but it also is a master pin follower. So that way, when you're doing those rekeying jobs, you don't have to use a separate follower to make sure there are no master pins in the chambers. Check this video on the importance of this. And the truth is, you shouldn't ever rekey any used lock without checking for master pins for maximum security. Not only does it replace three tools, but it's also going to make sure that you never leave the master pin behind.



The K001, GMS cylinders, is a key-in-knob lever or deadbolt cylinder. So, the mullet tool essentially replaces two items; a standard plug follower and a cylinder cap removal tool (made of pop-metal).


And in rekeying, you have to check every cylinder that you use to rekey for master pins. It's something that should not be negotiable, it's something you're going to want to do, but that one requires you to grab a master pin follower to use. Essentially what Big Bro does right here is to accomplish all of it.

And when we put the mullet next to Big Bro, everything's the same between except for the fact that Big Bro is a lot longer with master pin part that will allow you to spin it in the cylinder and drop out all of the master pins.



Take the cylinder cap removal tool part of the Big Bro and stick it to the cylinder, then push down and spin counterclockwise to get it off.


Next, take follower rear and we're going to push it.


And to address the master pins, all you need to do is push it further; then, you'll see the master pins dropping out of it.

Once done, twist it back over.


There you have it. I hope by now you can see why the mullet looks up to Big Bro. I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you, and we'll see you next time.

The Big Bro works with Schlage. Look at our in-depth Schlage Guide.

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