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Locksmith Tool Review | The Universal Pinning Kit

In the locksmithing business, a must have is a Pro Universal Pinning kit. Now, if you're not too familiar with either universal pinning kits or even universal lock pins, I'll put a link to a video I made on the history of the universal lock pins: the good, the bad and as far as the differences between universal pins and the standard OEM pins. 

As far as this pinning kit goes, this design has features like having a nice handle that you can easily carry around like a briefcase. 

On the sides, it does have little spots where you can mount this pinning kit down to a table which is great in your work van and on the top you'll see, on the front here you'll see these two clamps that hold it secure. One of the last things you want to happen is to not have a tight lid on here for all the pins to be swishing around and get mixed up. 

LAB Universal Pinning Kit

Here’s what’s inside. This is the 3000s version pin kit. This pinning kit is color coded. All the pins are color coded, they're all brass, and there's going to be 75 pieces of each side. So each one of these spots, there's going to be 75 pins in it. 

Universal Pinning Kit

At the upper chart are 11 different manufacturer pinning charts including Sargent, Weiser, KwikSet, Schlage, Yale, Arrow and etc. Now, this is what really makes the universal pinning kit a game changer compared to the brand specific pinning kits because each one of these charts represents an actual pinning kit. So there'd be a stack of 11 different pinning kits sitting here, just representing what this one universal pinning kit can do. Now, it's gonna come with 55 different sizes of master slash top pins starting at a .010 going all the way up to a  .200. It's going to have 69 different sizes of bottom pins starting at a .156 and going all the way up to a .360. 

The thing I love most about the universal pinning kit is it's a one time investment. This thing is built to last as long as you plan to pin up locks, it's not going to age, it's not going to break. It's going to last as long as you need it to and with the universal lock pins being the least expensive lock pin out there. You're also going to be keying up locks, using the most cost effective solution. This is the Pro Universal Pinning Kit, the 3000s, we also have the 5000s. Thank you, guys, and we'll see you next time!

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