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Locksmith Tool Review | NEW LockVoy Rekeying Kit For Schlage Type Locks!

I'm a big fan of universal metal cased pinning kits, as well as larger metal cased brand-specific pinning kits, such as those for Schlage locks. However, there is something to be said for a small, compact kit such as the LockVoy Rekeying Kit for Schlage Type Locks. When I used to do locksmithing work, I kept a sizeable universal pinning kit metal case bolted to my bench, along with a Kwikset and a Schlage small plastic kit, because when I was rekeying a lock and pulled it up, it was easier to pop it up in a kit rather than going to the numbers. One of the primary advantages of a kit like this is that we call it a rekeying kit rather than a pinning kit. This is because the kit includes all of the tools necessary to rekey Schlage-type locks. This will consist of essential tools such as a follower and a clip removal tool. These two together will get you through the majority of situations involving Schlage-type locks. And when I say Schlage type locks, I mean so long as the key is a Schlage SC1 or SC4 or similar. This will serve as the pinning kit for it.

LockVoy Rekeying Kit For Schlage Type Locks

Many off brands still use the Schlage specs, so that's why we call it a Schlage-type rekeying kit.

Here's a closer look. This is the kit, and it has this little tab that's going to keep everything together.

And as I pull it up here. The first thing you're going to see is this piece of foam. We include this to ensure that when it gets shipped to you, the pins don't get spread around. However, keeping it in the kit when you're not using it might be a good thing because if you end up dropping it, it'll go from just being oops, to if the pins go all over, it could turn into "Oh man, I'm going to have to pick all those up." so keeping the foam is a good idea.

Allow me to move it over here to the lid; it contains everything. Additionally, we included all part numbers because it's always a bummer when you order a kit and have no idea what parts are included. We even went a step further and included a QR code that, when scanned, will pull up a list of all of the items included in this kit, making reordering a breeze.

Let us now discuss the pins. We chose the color-coded brass pins because they come in various colors and are simple to use on a kit like this. Thus, original Schlage locks will include a nickel silver pin. These are brass, but they are color-coded, which is highly convenient. Each size consists of 50 pins. It will come with bottom pins 0-9 and master pin number 2, rather than top pins and springs. And if you're going to be doing a lot of master keying, you're going to want to stock up on extra pins and either store them in the bulk area where you can store your tools or mix them up according to size. Thus, if you had a number 3 master pin, you might want to pair it with a number 3 bottom pin; if you had a number 4 master pin, you might want to pair it with a number 4 bottom pin, and so forth. However, if you're doing a lot of standard rekeying, this kit will provide you with everything you need in terms of pins.

On the right side are the tools. It has an aluminum follower, a clip removal tool to get the C clips off, and a couple of the Schlage C clips and some of the pins and springs for the back of the crown style retainer caps.

That's the inside and outside of a LockVoy rekeying kit for Schlage-type locks. It has an excellent little cover here where the lid stays open up at an angle, so it's not lying down. It has a nice tip for you to view, and that's one of my favorite features about this pinning kit.

I'd love to know what you think about it. Please put what you think in the comments below. Thank you, and we'll see you next time!

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