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Locksmith Tool Review | NEW LockVoy Rekeying Kit For Schlage Type Locks!

Locksmith Tool Review | LockVoy Rekeying Kit For Schlage Type Locks!

The brand new LockVoy Rekeying Kit for Schlage Type Locks is a compact kit for locksmithing.  One of the biggest benefits of a kit like this is that it is called a rekeying kit, not a pinning kit, and that's because the LockVoy kit comes with the tools you need to rekey the Schlage type locks.

Schlage Re-Keying, Pin Kit With Tools by LockVoy

This Schlage Rekey Kit is going to come with your basic tools, which are your follower and your clip removal tool. Those two tools are going to get you through most of what you're going to encounter with Schlage type locks. By Schlage type locks, we mean any lock that uses a key like a Schlage SC1, SC4. You can use this as a pinning kit for any of those locks. Also, there are a lot of off-brands that still use the Schlage specs, and that's why we call it a Schlage type rekeying kit, not a Schlage pinning kit. Pinning kits don't come with tools but, rekeying kits come with the tools you need to get the job done, like this kit. Now, let us get a closer look.


LockVoy Rekeying Kit for Schlage Locks


The first thing you're going to see when you open the kit is this piece of foam pictured below.

This foam is included in the kit to make sure that when it gets shipped to you, the pins don't get spread around. However, keeping the foam in the kit when you're not using it might be a good thing because, if you end up dropping your kit, it'll keep the pins intact, and you won't have to start picking them up. So, keeping the foam is a good idea, but it is not completely necessary.

Foam protection in the LockVoy Rekeying Kit

As you can see below, we have also included all the part numbers on the inner lid because it's always a bummer when you order a kit, and you don't know what parts are actually in it.

Part Number Identification in LockVoy Rekeying Kit

We even went a little further here and put this QR code so, if you just take your camera out on your phone and put it over to scan the QR code, you get a pull up of all the items that are included in this kit. That way, when you need to reorder your kit, it makes it super simple. 

QR Code for Part Identification in the LockVoy Rekeying Kit

 When we look at the pins pictured below, the brass pins are color-coded because that makes them all different colors, and it's easy to use those. Original Schlage locks are going to come with a nickel silver pin, but the pins in this kit are brass, but they're color-coded, which makes it super, super nice. The kit comes with about 50 pins of every size you see here.

LockVoy Rekeying Kit - Color Coded Pins

It's going to come with bottom pins, 0-9, and it's going to come with master pin number 2, and some top pins and springs. Now, if you're doing a lot of master keying, you're going to want to get extra pins and either keep them in the bulk area where you can put your tools or mix them up in the appropriate sizes. So, if you had a number 3 master pin, you might want to put them in with a number 3 bottom pins, and if you had a number 4 master pin, put them in with the number 4 bottom pins. If you're just doing a lot of standard rekeying, this kit is going to have everything you need as far as pins go.

This kit is also going to come with an aluminum plug follower picture below; 


Aluminum Plug Follower


It is going to come with a clip removal tool to get the C clips off;


Clip Removal Tool to Remove C Clips


And it is also going to come with a couple of the Schlage C clips, as well as some of the pins and springs for the back of the crown-style retainer caps.

Schlage C clips Included in LockVoy Rekeying Kit

So, that is everything that's going to come with the LockVoy Rekeying Kit, and one of the things we love most about it is how the lids stay open at an angle, as you can see below.

That is all for the LockVoy rekeying kit for Schlage type locks. We'd love to know what you think about it, so please leave your comments below and be sure to check it out!

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