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Locksmith Tool Review | NEW LockVoy Rekeying Kit For American Lock & Master Padlocks!

Consider the LockVoy rekeying kits for Master and American padlocks, a brand-new lockboss tool. You may be wondering why a kit contains both Master and American padlocks. If you're unfamiliar, the reason is that both American and Master padlock pins are identical. They're used at different depths. Allow me to give you a closer look and explain that in greater detail.

 LockVoy Rekeying Kit

Like all of the LockVoy kits, they come in a nice plastic case with a bit of lock on it. Let's take a look at the inside.

Plastic case on the LockVoy Rekeying Kit

This foam piece, which I recommend keeping in there because on a kit like this one, which contains a large number of small pins, helps keep the pins pushed down and prevents them from becoming mixed up. If it's just sitting on your workbench, you won't have to worry about that, but if you're in a van and this kit falls to the ground, you don't want those pins flying everywhere, mainly because they're all the same color.

foam insert on the LockVoy Rekeying Kit

What is contained within this kit? Before I do, I'd like to demonstrate this bottom pin. As I mentioned previously, a Master padlock and an American padlock share the same pins. They use various depths for them. As you can see, this pin is both a Master padlock bottom pin and an American padlock bottom pin. That is, in fact, the distinction between these two. It's purely a numerical difference; the master pin is always a smaller size or depth than the American.

 Whats included in the LockVoy Rekeying Kit

But when we get over here to the Master pins, you'll see that they're the same size.

 LockVoy Rekeying Kit

This kit includes Master padlocks in sizes 0-7 with bottom PINs 0-7 and master pin 4, which is a number 3. These are compatible with both American and master padlocks. It includes an American spool driver, a Master driver, and several top pins and springs. A QR code levels it up in the corner that can be scanned to reveal the contents of the kit, which I find extremely useful. I've had a few kits over the years when you end up using something you can't identify. Thus, I hope that helps.

LockVoy Rekeying Kit

There are two distinct Allen Wrenches in our inventory. We have a 3/32 and a 7/64 Allen Wrenches, which are the two most common sizes used to disassemble padlocks for rekeying. The good news is that there is still plenty of room for additional plugs, parts, and pieces.

 allen wrenches in LockVoy Rekeying Kit

It comes with approximately 50 pieces of each side, but it can easily hold a couple hundred if necessary. One final feature I enjoy about these LockVoys is the non-flat lid. There are many kits I've seen where the lids lay flat, not facing you, which can result in you hunching over the equipment, especially if you have a hard time seeing. Still, these kits here rise above that and allow me to position it at an angle without dumping it, so as you can see, it sits up at a nice angle, so you don't have to worry about trying to see it. The way the lid sits on these plastic boxes is one of my favorite features. Therefore, if you rekey American or Master Lock padlocks, having this kit on hand would be highly beneficial.

 LockVoy Rekeying Kit

I'd love to know what you think of it in the comments below. Thank you, and we'll see you next time. 

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