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Locksmith Tool Review | NEW LockVoy High Security Pinning Kit!

When making standard pin tumbler locks more secure, there are only really a few things you can do. You can add your spool pins. You can add your serrated pins, and you can change the length of the top pin spring. You can also put in some of the Ilco bump halt pins and springs to help it.

It's hard to know exactly what's out there, what do you need, and that's why we put together the LockVoy high-security pinning kit. It's going to come with all of the favorite sizes of serrated pins, spool pins, as well as a few bump halt pins and some springs.


Like all of the other LockVoy pinning and rekeying kits, they come in this nice plastic case. I love how small and slim it is here.

They also come with this foam piece, and that's to help make sure the pins don't get mixed up when in transit. Suppose the kit is sitting on like a workbench. In that case, you don't have to worry about it, but if you're storing it away in a van or something, having this piece here in case the kit was to get knocked off, the shelf keeps all of the pins in the right places because as you can see, all of them are the same color so they can easily get mixed up.

The lid talks about what is included. There are about 50 pieces of each size fit, and you'll see them in two of these chambers. We've doubled up the spool pin and the serrated pins, which are the same size, to add a couple of extra pins to get you everything that we think you'll need. It has a spool pin .160 with the spool and serrated pin, .165 spool pin, .170 spool pin, .190 spool pin, and serrated pin .200, spool pin .235, serrated pin .155, serrated pin .172 and .187. You can see the designs of each of them if you're not too familiar with serrated and spool pins. And a little further down, we're going to see the Ilco bump halt pins and springs. These are only going to come with five pieces of each. So, five sets of the pins and springs. There are two different ones here. There are ones for mortise and rim cylinders and knobs and lever cylinders.

I would use both. I wouldn't get too concerned over which one you're putting in. I've experimented with them and found that putting different ones in because they have different spring sizes in particular and so getting that different spring tension in there, in my opinion, is a pretty good thing. So even though they list what they're there for, if I was you, I'll experiment with those. They're pretty fun. Then it's also going to include about 50 short and long springs.


As you notice, we call this a pinning kit, not a rekeying kit, and that's because it doesn't come with any tools, but the good news is you have plenty of space here to put any extra tools, parts, or pieces that you might think that you'll need while you're working on making a pin tumbler lock more secure.


One last feature I want to go over on this kit, so is how the lid sits. As you can see, it's not lying flat on the surface, which kind of drives me nuts because it's harder to read, especially when you're in the middle of a job. This one sits up at a nice angle here. That's nice, and it's really my favorite part about this plastic box, but I also love the fact that it has a spot for many extra features and tools. So if you're looking for a good variety of high-security pins to help you make those pin tumbler locks just a little bit more secure, you need to check out the LockVoy high-security pinning kit.

I'd love to know what you think of it in the comments below. Thank you for watching, and we'll see you next time!

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