Locksmith Tool | A NEW 2 in 1 Locksmith Tool for Rekeying Locks!

Locksmith Tool | A NEW 2 in 1 Locksmith Tool for Rekeying Locks!

The Mullet is one of the most exciting and innovative rekeying tools of all time! It is called the mullet because it has a plug follower in the front and a cylinder cap removal tool. Two tools put in one to give you maximum efficiency, and it has a really cool name –a pretty awesome deal, but you'll be the judge of that.

The Mullet - 2 in 1 Plug Follower and Cylinder Cap Removal Tool


The Mullet can be used to replace your standard plug follower (.495" Diameter), and it can also replace your cylinder cap removal tool. Most of these tools are made out of pot metal but, the Mullet is made out of aluminum so, it's definitely going to last much longer. The removal tool side is hollow on the inside so, it can be used for any length of tailpiece that you come in contact with to rekey.

Cylinder Cap Removal Tool Side of the MulletPlug Follower Side of the Mullet

To use the Mullet, you place it on the tailpiece at the back of the cylinder you need to rekey and twist it to get the pin and spring off. Set the pin and spring aside, put the key in, grab the Mullet, and use it as a plug follower. Then put the pin and spring back, and put the cylinder cap on, by using the Mullet to set it in place. The Mullet tool also has a cutout so you can easily use it to rekey tailpieces that stick out a little bit, like in Mortise cylinders.

This Mullet tool is basically business in the front and a party in the back so, if you are interested in the awesomeness of this 2-in-1 tool, be sure to check it out!

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