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Locksmith Tips Missing Code Series When Originating On An Electronic Key Cutter?

Locksmith Tips - Missing Code Series When Originating On An Electronic Key Cutter?

In reality, there were a couple of common problems a locksmith might encounter, mainly when you are originating automotive keys, by code or by decoding. You’re putting that information into an electronic key machine like the Futura Auto. So this information applies to every type of electronic key machine out there, although I'll focus on the Futura. 

Example for making keys or originating a key for a 2018 Subaru Forester.

The principles are going to apply the same here. Whether or not you have the key code or decoded it, and you have all of the cuts, or some of the cuts, the essential bit of information is making sure you have the right key code series. There’s a couple of free resources to find this information, and that's the Ilco and the JMA key blank reference guides. Before you start decoding a lock or get a key code, make sure you figure out what that key code to avoid all sorts of problems.

Key Blank Reference Guide by ilco

In the Ilco key blank reference for the 2018 Forester, there are two options: a prox option and here's a regular ignition option. For this example, this is going to be a traditional ignition. You can see the code series for 2018 is that 32,000 up to 39,999. What you need to do is go to the software you're using to cut the key.

Subaru Forester on the 2020 Key Blank Reference Guide

In this case, it's the Futura Auto, but they all will work relatively similarly. Go to the search button and go to Select Vehicles, and at this point, we're going just to put in a code number.

Futura Auto Electronic Key Machine

So even if you're just decoding this, or if you have a key code, once you know what that code series is, you can put anything in, so we're going to hit the little code button here, and we're going to put in 32,100. Whether or not that's the real key code doesn't matter because we'll hit search and all we need to do is find that series. At that point, you can put the bitting in and set the code as long as you have that right code series.

Enter key code on Futura Auto Electronic Key Machine

I'm looking for that 32 in that series, for the 32,000 to 39,999. Let’ take a look at Subaru. It does say Smart Key on there and X217, which is a Toyota key, TR47, but anyway, so let's click on it. Check the card information, and it's telling us that that code is not found. See, it only goes to 39,867 and not 39,999. That's because this code series is incomplete.

Electronic key machine tips

I want to point out that I'm not picking on Silca or Ilco. This is something that happens on all the different types of machines. It is a reality that I want to prepare you for.

Futura key machine help

Let’s go back to the beginning, go-to vehicle keys, and select a different code like 32,000. Next will be to search and click on the card. Check the bitting pulled up. At this point, if this was the actual code, you could hit cut, and you're well on your way.

Key Machine - Futura Auto

However, if you just decoded the key, then you're going to want to put the bitting in or look and see what's kind of going on. You can go to this screen, and then you can go ahead and put in hit cuts. You can also type in all the cuts. The most important part here is that you're getting to the right code series. And the best way to do that is to cross-check your information using the Ilco Key Blank Reference Guide, the JMA Key Blank Reference Guide, or the paid version, Gcode online.

 JMA Key Blank Reference Guide

Gcode online

For a quick recap, once you either have a key code, or you have decoded the key, and you have the bitting, at that point, you need to find that code series in the program that you're working on. Once you find the right code series, it doesn't matter what the make model year is at that point. You can cross-check it with any information you need, and you can cut the key. I sure hope that you found that information useful. It's essential to make sure you figure out what the code series is and then find something on the existing program on your machine that fits in that code series you can use. Please let me know any questions you have below!

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