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Locksmith Tip | The Rubber Band Trick for Weiser Knobs

Have you ever been in rekeying job, and you ran across one of these old Weiser style locks? Let me show you a quick and easy way on how to get it apart so you can rekey it.

To get this Weiser knob cylinder out is what we're going to need is a rubber band and a WR5 key cut to all nines.

Take the rubber band, put it through the key ring hole here, and make it look like this


Once you have that, we're going to go in and take the knob, we're going to stick the key in, and we're going to wrap the rubber band around it twice, so the pressure is on the clockwise.

Go in and put the other side of the rubberband up here on this post, just like that.


Flip it upside down and I'm going to hold this tail piece back, we're gonna hold it back.


I'm going to start gently pounding it here on the mat. What we're looking for is one or two things, this whole cylinder to pop out, or for this key to spin.


Either way, we know, we're about to get it apart now. We're going to hold this back. I'm gonna gently start tapping. So it moved.


We're going to be good to go there and it looks like it's just about out there just like that.

We’ll go ahead and take this rubber band off until it come out.


At this point, you can go ahead and rekey it. Once you're done rekeying it, go and pick the key that you rekeyed it to and you're just going to put it back in. So you’re going to line up the Bible here to that nice little open.


And then we're going to hold this back, turn it to about the five o'clock position.

It's gonna pop in and there you go. That's how you take a Weiser knob without a key.


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