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Locksmith Tip | SFIC Pinning- BEST CAP Alternative?

Locksmith Tip | SFIC Pinning- BEST CAP Alternative?

Do you work on Small Format Interchangeable Core Locks, also known as SFIC? If you do, then there's been a time where you're in the middle of a job, and you realize that you've run out of best caps. If so, this locksmith tip is for you because you can use the universal pinning kit to finish the job. The .030 and a .033 universal master pin can be used as a perfect substitute for the best cap.

Small Format Interchangeable Core Lock


On the IC core, everything has been done, or you've put all the pins in. Except for one chamber. We seem to add the spring and the cap, but since we don't have any caps. Therefore we're going to use the .033 master pin.

 IC Core


Stick the IC core into the annex. Grab the spring and put it in, then the .033 master pin.

 Putting IC core into the annex

Put our capping tool in, pin it a couple of times and pull the IC core.

 capping tool for locksmiths

As you can see, it looks perfect.

 Master pin for IC Core

That's how you use a universal master pin to get you out of a pitch. Thanks, and we'll see you next time!

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