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Locksmith Tip: Key Programmer not working?

Welcome to How to Get it Done: Locksmith Tips. We've all been in a vehicle trying to program a key, have our machine out, connected cable to the machine into the car, and it's not communicating. It's stressful at times. You have another job to do. You have customers watching, and for whatever reason, it seems that we want to jump to the worst thing like our machines broken, or there's a significant problem with the vehicle. Maybe the fuses out, or something like that going on, and many times, we can bypass the most fundamental issues by going with two simple things that I think can help - they're quick to check. They can eliminate those calls, and the tech support, waiting on the phone to find out it was fundamental.

If you're programming and your machine hooked up to a vehicle is not communicating, remove the pin saver. Because the pin saver is a weary part of any programming, if there's a problem with the pin saver, it will not communicate from the vehicle to the machine. So remove it and plug in your cable directly and carefully to the machine and truck.

 Remove the pin saver from the programmer

If that is not working or still not communicating, at that point, we start thinking that maybe there's a problem with the cable? At that point, hopefully, you put a new cable on there, and you realize that it was just a bad cable.

 A bad cable might be causing issues with your key programmer

Those are the two most essential first steps that I think you should take when you have a failure to communicate with the vehicle. Thanks, and we'll see you next time!

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