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Locksmith Tip | Broken Key in Lock DIY Tool

Have you ever been on a job where the wrong key was jammed inside a lock? It's now stuck or even worse, that stuck key was twisted and broken off inside the lock? Let me show you how you can take a pair of locking pliers and turn them into the ultimate tool to help you remove these types of keys:

Take your pair of locking pliers and convert them to a slide hammer like this.

 You can do this for $5 at your local hardware store, and you want to buy three items. The first is going to be a six-inch long pan head bolt with a quarter inch diameter.


The second is going to be an inch and a half-wide washer with a quarter-inch hole in it.

And the third is going to be this three quarter inch coupling that.


Once you have it assembled, all you need to do is either grip on to the key or to the key extractors that you've already put in around the stuck key. Once you do that, you just want to start using this like a slide hammer and to just start to gently but powerfully start getting that broken key out. The best part is once you're done, you can take them off and you can use it like a normal pair of locking pliers again.

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