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Locksmith Secrets: How to Create a Temporary Code Card for Your HPC Blitz

As a locksmith, there may be times when you need to create a temporary code card for your HPC Blitz key machine, but you don't have access to a printer or the card you need. In this blog post, we'll reveal a simple and effective solution that can help you get the job done using items you likely already have in your van. Keep reading to discover how to make a temporary code card with ease and ensure you're always prepared for any locksmithing challenge.

Step 1: Gather the necessary items To create a temporary code card, you'll need the following items:

  • HPC Micrometer card
  • Dry erase marker

Step 2: Locate the spaces and depths If you have access to your code software, you can find the necessary spaces and depths for the key you need to cut. The software you use, whether it's HPC's Code Source, Genericode, InstaCode, or Blackhawk, should provide you with the information you need. If the information is incomplete, you can use an existing key to find the missing data.

Step 3: Mark the micrometer card Once you've gathered the necessary information, use the dry erase marker to mark the spaces and depths on the micrometer card. Make sure to place the marks accurately, as they will guide you when cutting the key.

Step 4: Cut the key With the temporary code card marked, you can now proceed to cut the key using your HPC Blitz key machine. The marked card will help you navigate the process with ease, ensuring a precise and accurate cut.

Step 5: Clean up and move on After cutting the key, use a wet cloth or fabric to remove the dry erase marker marks from the micrometer card. This will leave your card clean and ready for the next job.

By using a simple dry erase marker and an HPC micrometer card, you can create a temporary code card for your HPC Blitz key machine without the need for a printer or the original card. This locksmith secret can help you stay prepared and efficient, making sure you can complete any job even when faced with unexpected challenges.

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