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LockFather responds to Locksmith Safety Questions


Here's one of our favorite reviews we've had on Google! Shout out to Ian for making Steve's experience a magical one, and thanks Steve M. for the awesome review!


"Team, Thank You for the awesome merch! Had to show the Mrs. why the Big Bro was awesome, keep up the great work! Got my coffee staying cool now and ready to pin! #Lockboss" - CT

We're so glad you like your prize, CT, and thanks for sending this in! I love that picture. You see that picture of the Big Bro? There's actually the cylinder cap on it! That's cool, man. I mean, if the big bros going to flex, that's one way. Like, if you were to put the plug housing on the big bro with that on the other end that would be like one of those like Instagram muscle pics. I think we need to make some Instagram pictures of the Big Bro flex and like a muscle guy at the beach?


"Keys! Keys! Keys! All the flat steel keys! 🔑 Your mailboxes are older than dirt and your post office says they won’t deliver mail anymore? We got you! #locksmith #locksmithlife #locksmithservice #keys #mailbox #landlordlife #locksmithmom #locksmithskills #lockboss keys courtesy of @clk_supplies 👍🔑" - @makesomethingcolorful

That's really cool. The fact that old post office boxes and the keys that fit them are the older ones. And as you know, those five steel keys like that could get you a good return on your money for him, and it's a real cool niche thing to do. Awesome to see all of these color-coded mailbox keys! Thanks for tagging us!



PJ: He's talking about the ProMaster video with the rubbers. Get a piece of tubing, put it at the tip, start pinning and just keep pushing it in. That works.

Pete: I just had one question about that video. With your rubber band wrapped around, isn't it holding in the sidebar? So, you can't tell if it's the right way for or not? I know you measured them.

PJ: Yeah, yeah. If you look at like how tight that rubber band around it, it wasn't that tight. It is loose. Loose enough to essentially hold that wafer.

Pete: Right, so it wouldn't slide out?

PJ: It wouldn’t slide out.

Pete:  We all know. We’ve done lots and they flip.

PJ: Yes, especially one like that. Like when you almost do all, close to done and then they dump.

Pete: Especially Hondas.

PJ: Yeah, I probably should have talked about that. When you see they are ready, I have like four or five times over, and I would just keep sliding it. By the way, that's a good little tip there. Makes me want to try it out. Get a piece of tube, and try it out.

LockFather responds to Locksmith Safety Questions



Pete: There’s Hazard restraining order on them. As long as their name’s on, that’s all. It’s now what’d think about the move here when the husband threatened to call the cops?

PJ: I'll call him for you.

Pete: Yeah. I think it's great.

PJ: I think that's a cool move. Taking the situation where you're being somehow trolled by them.

Pete: Yes. Yeah. Good way to put it.

PJ: Yeah, he took that situation and he made himself in control. The husband left, it's always one of those something that you've ever said. Something like that.

Pete: Oh, yeah. Usually, me breaking into a house, unlocking a door. I tell them, ‘If you don't have a piece of mail that you can show me, I’m calling the cops.’ Because in Idaho we have a PO box and if you show me that, I’m good; if not, I’m calling the cops.

PJ: Yeah. So, I think as far as in that situation, how he dealt with it. I think it’s amazing.


PJ: So, there's two situations, let's tackle the first one here. I had a female coming into the door in underwear.

Pete: I'd probably go, ‘Wow. Do you mind when there are clothes on? But how many times did you get a lockout call with see-through night gown in the garage because she locked herself out? I mean, it happens a lot more than you think. I try not to laugh but you know, boys are boys.

PJ: Yeah, but I'm sure you're professional. I think the interesting part about this was that her man was there and was like, ‘Bro, you know, you want to look.’ I mean to me, I see where who he was coming from because it's like, ‘What are we doing here right now?’

Pete: I would walk away from that.

PJ: Yeah. I mean, I think it's a kind of a fun story to talk about, but I think that the thing for me is there's definitely an opportunity to have that escalated in.

Next one. Same thing happened in a job where females are in a relationship, they started fighting. So, I think you kind of talked on this a little bit as well. There's a relationship between two people, and they start fighting. The last thing you want to do is be in the middle of it..

Pete: I'd say knock it off, or I'm calling the cops. I’m witnessing. There was a guy and a gal, I even told the gal I would call but if the guy's thumping, I’d probably step in, but I'd still call the cops because nobody deserves to be getting beat down in any case.

PJ: Absolutely. So, in these situations, you're walking away from the first one. You know, I'm kind of curious though. How would you respond if you answered the door, and there is a gal there in her underwear, her man was sitting on the couch and started making comments like that.

Pete: So, you want to put some clothes on? It’s the first thing I would probably do. But then the guy goes, ‘Oh, you don't like what you see.’ Then I say, ‘I'm out of here.’

PJ: Okay. Yeah. You want to get out of there.

Pete: There’s something to happen.

PJ: Yeah. It's like an escalating type situation, 100%.


PJ: I mean, he got stabbed. That’s crazy!

Pete: It's tough because a lot of women are psycho and there's a lot of guys who are psycho. So, you sort of tried to feel that out. When she starts screaming, you know? I mean, but you just never know. And I'd say go talk to him or her that I'm just doing a job I was hired to do. So why are you beating me up?

PJ: Does that happened to you?

Pete: No, I've just been smacked. Hard.

PJ: Man, I tell you what. These are what I want to thank everyone, for sharing your stories and stuff. There are some very interesting ones, as you can tell.

Pete: A lot of new people in business don't realize there's that out there. So, it really is excellent that you're doing stuff like this.

PJ and Pete’s experience

PJ: Let’s talk about one more situation. This was a situation that had the two of us in it. And this is a a little different situation. We were together doing a job. You remember this? And how can you tell the story

Pete: You're going to unlock a car.

PJ: Yes. Yeah.

Pete: I'm sitting in the van just watching them from a distance.

PJ: I was in high school.

Pete: Yeah. And I said, ‘Oh, be careful. You had dog behind.’ It looks like he's stalking you. And he's getting down here, got it open. Also, that dog lunged and got him on the back behind his knee. He drew blood. PJ's face was all upset and I’m sitting in there laughing uncontrollable. I say, ‘Are you okay? He says, ‘I don’t know.’ But then I told the lady, she goes, ‘Well, I don't want the dog to be put down because it has its rabies shot.’ They were like, ‘He only bit your son.’ It was funny because of your facial expression but it was a big concern. It was a German Shepherd.

PJ: I mean, my inversion of that slightly different. I remember unlocking the vehicle going, I remember you saying something about it. And I remember as I'm walking now, I, to this day, I'm timid around new dog. I'm like, ‘Okay, let's make sure they’re not going to bite me here.’

Pete: I don't jump out on a job where there's a dog until the person comes.

PJ: Yeah, we're walking and as I was taking a step right by my knee, that grabbed drew blood, I fall to the ground. And I remember I'm kind of in shock and I look back where you are sitting in the van laughing and I'm like, ‘What in the world?’

Pete: Yeah, it was good. I brought you in the emergency room to make sure you are okay. That’s a father’s job. 

PJ: It is pretty good. We ended up with a kind of a funny more story that involves my pain.  But in all seriousness, of course, that domestic type situations and even locksmith want to have good practices. We want to make sure everyone's staying safe and gets home to their loved ones every night. Thank you, and we’ll see you next time!

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