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Lock Shim Tool- The easier and faster way to shim a lock!

Previously, I went over the shimming technique on opening up a cylinder when you don't have a key and when you need to rekey it. However, sometimes learning the method of shimming can be difficult. And most of the time, the person is unable to shim the lock because the shim is getting damaged while they're trying to shim and leads the shim not to go through, causing a lot of problems. So, if you're having this type of problem, you should look at the Shim Holder.


The first thing you want to do is turn this knob open a little bit by pulling the dial back.


Once you do that, take the shim, put it on the top, and push it.


Now gently push the knob forward. Make sure that the shim is nice and straight.


Tighten it down by turning the knob, and that's it. The shim holder will allow you to hold the shim down on the turn knob or at the back of the knob.


The shim looks nice, straight, and ready to do good steady pressure onto the lock.


If you try shimming with a shim holder, you'll get the feeling that as you start to put the shim in the lock, you can get an excellent direct pressure instead of down or sideways.


And while shimming with the shim holder, the shim won't bend, snap, create creases and lines. And that's very important when shimming locks.


Now, if you're having a problem holding the shim by hand, the shim holder will solve that for you. Thanks, and we'll see you next time.

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