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Lexus "Laser" Key cutting | How to Cut Lexus 80k Emergency Keys - All Your Questions Answered Here!

We get a lot of questions about the Lexus emergency keys. They're thin compared to the regular LEX90 P style of a Lexus key, and sometimes you must use a different cutter or a shim. And cutting a Lexus 80k or 80,000 code series or emergency key is possible using the Futura Auto or any of the Futura machines that cut the high-security keys. It can be done with the same process, wondering how? Let me give you a demonstration.

Start by going to Search, then to Vehicle keys, and Code. From the screen, there will be lots of options. You can go make, model, and year or Search by key. There are all sorts of different ways you can search, but I'm going to Code. Type 80,009 and hit Search.

 Futura Auto Electric Key Machine

You can see Lexus and others that have the same code series on the screen, but if you look at the number of cuts, it says 10, so that's going to be probably a TR47 key, not high security like Lexus key. So we'll click Lexus and hit Card to pull all the information.

 Futura Auto Electric Key Machine

Now we have all the information we need here. You can choose a different code on this screen, the actual cuts or the bitting, decode or do partial cuts. But, one of my favorite options is the Card Options because it will display the Cutter and Clamp that we will need to cut the Lexus 80k. You can click it to see if there are alternative Cutter or Clamp.

 Futura Auto Electric Key Machine screen

Once you've checked your Cutter and Clamp, pay attention to the 'Stop 2' on the screen. On this jaw, you don't use a stop. That Stop 2 is for the Futura Pro jaw, which is for the 02J jaw. So I know it's a little confusing, but if you've used a Futura Auto before, you know that it's going to auto-calibrate on the actual jaw.

 Using the Futura Auto Electric Key Machine

Time to hit Cut. It will display what clamp to use, the cutter, the number of pieces, and how many steps. The cutting speed is also there, which is 100, that's going to be good.

We've set up the screen, time to set up the machine's cutter.

 Futura Auto Electric Key Machine

Since the Lexus 80k is thin, we're going to need an adapter, a Toyota Lexus wallet key adapter.

 Toyota Lexus wallet key adapter

And that this is what it looks like. It's just this little piece of metal.

 Toyota Lexus wallet key adapter

So, the first thing that we're going to do is make sure we have the suitable cutter. I can tell just by looking at it that this is not the cutter we need, so we must change it. We need an allen wrench to change the cutter, put it in here, and open it up. Grab the 06LW cutter, put it in, and tighten it down. So all I'm doing is pushing it up and then tighten it. Not too tight, just tight enough.

 cutting toyota lexus key

Once we do that, we're going to go and take the adapter and get it put in just like that.

 how to use Toyota Lexus wallet key adapter

Then we're going to take our emergency key, put it right over the top of it, just like that. Get that nice and tight, close the shield, and we'll hit start.


What you're going to see the machine do is calibrate everything before cutting the key.

All right, there we have it. Open it up and get those shavings off.

 key cutting using the Futura Auto

There is our Lexus 80k emergency key cut. So let's say you do it on the Futura Auto here; it's straightforward. It's, outside of using this little shim and putting the cutter. It's just business as usual on cutting the key. So thank you, guys, and we'll see you next time.

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