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Lexus 80k Series without Adaptor

When it comes to electronic high security code machines, like the Triton Plus, a lot of times, there are extra little parts and pieces that you have to get at the time of purchase. It can be annoying and not very fun. Well, the good news is you can skip that part with the Triton Plus. It is because cutting an 80k Lexus Code Series emergency key on the Triton Plus is possible without the extra parts and pieces. Let’s get to it!


There' are few different ways to the code series of the key that you need to cut. One way is to tap ‘Automobile.’ Type the manufacturer (eg. Lexus), look for the 80k, and it will lead you to the screen like the image below.

 Automotive key cutting machine - Lexus

From this screen, go to ‘Key Code’ and drop the input before hitting ‘Search.’ The bitting will appear.

 Key code machine - Locksmith tools

Set up the jaw needed (S1-B jaw). What's more important is when we click the ‘Cut’ button, you can choose the cutter.

 Set up the jaw on the key machine

Why is that important?

A lot of the other machines will require you to buy a separate cutter to cut the 80k. You also have to buy a shim to put underneath the key. With the Triton Plus, you're not going to have to do either one of those. You have options to choose1.5mm, 2.0mm, or 2.5. The 80K Lexus key will take 2.0mm. You can also adjust other options like speed.

Check this out:

When you look at the picture below, you can see the yellow line that goes to the second mark.

 Key machine

So, when we get down on here, check if it is close or eyeball on the second mark.

 Key machine operation

Once the required and preferred settings are set, install the key, clear the debris, and you are good to go to hit the ‘Cut’ button without any special jaw or cutter.

 Cutting a Lexus key blank


Here are some cool features to check out!

 Automatic key machine

Since the key is nickel silver, adjusting the number of passes is a cutter saving technique.


When it comes to cutting the 80k code series the Triton Plus does not require an extra shim or cutter; none of that. Once again, it gives you the flexibility that you need to be in control of making sure that the job gets done. You can choose the cutter you want, the extra features on the steps to allow your cutter for maximum life, allowed to be able to control the speed. It really has everything right when it comes to cutting the Lexus 80k code series. Thank you, and I will see you next time.

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