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Lesser Known Services You Can Add to Your Locksmith Business

 Lesser Known Services You Can Add to Your Locksmith Business

As a locksmith, you have a wide range of business opportunities. For example, you may use keying software to operate your own business, or you might work for an established company. You can focus on an area such as residential security or commercial security, or even concentrate your efforts on vehicles. No matter what you do, though, you may want to explore lesser known services to add to your business. Here at CLK Supplies, we know that these services can bring in more revenue to increase your bottom line or to get your business through leaner times. Here is a look at a few such services.

  1. Assessments of Home Security

Many locksmiths work in the security business as a whole. Even if you do not, now may be the time to expand a little bit by performing basic home security assessments. You’ll do such tasks as:

  • Testing door locks and window locks
  • Testing entrances and exits such as sliding glass doors and windows
  • Checking for adequate protection of valuables
  • Recommending preventative measures based on your findings

For instance, your assessment may find that a client’s sliding door can be easily lifted off its track, and you could recommend that a jimmy plate be installed. You may find that a residential key system is especially vulnerable to lock picking and recommend a better system.

  1. Assessments of Commercial Security

This is similar to home security, only you do it for businesses. There may be increased emphasis on the need to protect assets such as cash and high-value items. To this end, you examine safes, try to crack them yourself, and make recommendations for better safes and for general security improvements.

  1. Security Door Assessments and Installations

Add security door installations, both for exteriors and interiors, to your services. Market the benefits of having spaces such as panic rooms or the advantages of having a security door for basements. You would analyze a client’s existing infrastructure and make recommendations as to the best security doors to fit the client’s needs and budget. Common materials are metal and steel, and the doors typically include anti-kick hinges and safety screens, among other features.

  1. Digital Lock Installations

More and more people are turning to digital locks instead of physical locks. In fact, this type of service is close to becoming a standard offering instead of a side service; in a few years, most locksmiths will likely need to offer it, no matter what. Offering digital lock installations is a good way to maintain business with established clients and to pick up business from prospective clients. At CLK Supplies, we offer various types of keying software to help you make managing, programming and reprogramming digital locks easier.

  1. Intercom Installations

The security advantages of intercom systems are something most people do not think about, but once you bring them to the attention of clients, many will be intrigued. If you work with business clients, you can talk with them about integrating intercoms to eliminate the need for face-to-face interaction to let a visitor in. For residential services, intercom verification can be tied with gates. A visitor gets verified via intercom, and gates open to let the visitor onto the property. To expand your services further, add products such as wireless doorbells, motion alerts and video cameras to your lineup.

Once you have a few lesser known services in your arsenal, you have to let your clients know about them. Add these services to the list of services you have on your website, and write blog entries dealing with issues that stem from each. For instance, you could write a blog post on common mistakes you see homeowners make with their deadbolts, which ties into home security assessments.

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