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Keys You're Wasting Money On

Keys you're wasting money on. Let's talk about them.

When it comes to key blank part numbers and keys, well, there's so much nuance, and it can be really confusing. So, I'm going to be going over five keys that you never need to buy again. Now, of course, we do sell them. And if you're going to twist my arm and you want to buy them, they are available. However, save yourself some money and don't buy them.

Key blanks - IN-8 and Y-11

Don't buy: IN-8, Buy instead: Y-11

Alright, now the first one up here is actually really, really popular. And the key blank is a IN-8. Now, this IN-8 key that you see here is essentially identical to a Y-11. And the better part is the Y-11 which is even less money. So, as you can see, with them sitting side by side like this, there's essentially no difference. I have personally never found a situation that a Y-11 key wouldn't go into something that called for IN-8. So, take that IN-8, get it out of here, and use the Y-11.

Key blanks - FIC1 and FIC3

Don't buy: FIC1, Buy instead: FIC3

Now, next up here is a key that I've picked on before, but I really want to make sure that you get the point. And that key is the FIC1. Now, for the longest time, the FIC1 was a very good key to stock. But over time, the design ended up changing and they had to make a longer version of the key. And that is the FIC3, so there is no need to stock the FIC1. Get that FIC1 key out of here and use the FIC3.

Key blanks - B89 and B86

Don't buy: B89, Buy instead: B86

Now, let's shift gears a little bit into some automotive keys. See what I did there? The first one up that I want to talk about is a GM key. And that key is a B89. This key is one that you'll find in your key blank reference books. This key is going to pop up there and it's going to be called for. But in reality, you can use the B86 key in its place. It's only just a little bit longer and hardly really noticeable in most circumstances. It'll really allow you to cut down on a key blank. So, out with the B89, and in with the B86.

Key blanks - H54 and H60

Don't buy: H54, Buy instead: H60

Alright, now let's talk about a Ford key, and that key is the H54. Now, the H54, once again, will be called-for for certain makes, models, and years. However, you can use the H60 key in its place. As you can see here, the H54 is just a little shorter than the H60. And once again, when it's in your hand and you're using it, there's really almost not a noticeable difference. So out with the H54, and in with the H60.

Key blanks - K1994 and K1995

Don't buy: K1994, Buy instead: K1995

And lastly, I've also picked on this key just a little bit and that is the K1994. Similar to the FIC1 and FIC3, the design of the door locks in particular changed on the Kenworth semis. Although the K1994 might work in the ignition, it's not going to fit all the way into the door. So, because of that reason, there's no good reason in my opinion to stock that key. Instead, you're going to want to use the K1995. And not only will it work in all of the newer stuff, but it will work in all the vehicles that are using the K1994. So, out with the K1994, and in with the K1995.

So, do yourself a favor and save yourself some cash by not buying this milled brass.

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