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Key Up Best Lock - Who's wins, Who Cries?

The biggest pinning locks battle that's ever been done. One that has the respect of their peers on the line. And I tell you what, we're not messing around.



Our first competitor is out of the state of Pennsylvania; it is John (The Phone Guy) Truempy. His competitor to date is out of the state of Montana, Adrian (Bozeman vibes) Holly.


Let’s lay down the ground rules and make sure we're on the same page to avoid penalties.

  • There will be no cheating during this match.
  • Both contenders can start with their keys cut and cylinder ready with the pinning bitting next to it. No chambers touched and no pins put in.
  • Any pinning beneath the table or up high over your head will be unacceptable.

With that being said, let's get going!


Both of them are off to a very quick start. Adrian "Bozeman vibes" Holly is sitting down at his bench. He has a nice mat in front of it, and looks fairly organized. John "The Phone Guy" Truempy looks like he's taking the standing method. It's interesting to have two different philosophies going at once.

Adrian is pinning up one chamber at a time. He's putting the spring, the cap and looks like he's getting ready to go one chamber at a time. John Truempy on the other hand is doing all of the pins at once. We have two different philosophies going head-to-head.

John will be using a capping press at the very end while it looks like Adrian is going one chamber at a time. It’s hard to tell who will win.


It’s interesting to notice that Adrian can take the pin right from the kit to the cylinder without any sort of fumbling around. I've seen John fumbling with that a little bit.

It’s coming down to a close finish, but Adrian "Bozeman Vibes" Holly is the winner.


Congratulations to Adrian "Bozeman Vibes" Holly for the victory today. Big thanks to the both of you for a clean fight. I didn't have to throw one flag even though I wanted to. It seems as if Adrian will be able to keep the respect of his peers. As far as John "The Phone Guy" Truempy goes, I'm going to have to leave that to you.

I want to know what you think in the comments. Include the #LockBoss to automatically get entered to win one of five free prizes we give away each week on YouTube. I want to thank both John and Adrian for doing this and having some fun with it. The bigger question is “Who's next?”

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