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Key Programming | The SMART PRO Programs a Proximity Key For a JEEP Cherokee!

Have you ever key programmed a 2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited using the SmartPro? If not, let me tell you how. But before we proceed to programming, make sure to consult the MYKEYS Pro app because it's going to let you know everything that you need to know about the vehicle.  Using an ADC2011 cable was advised by the MYKEYS Pro app instead of hooking up an OBD 2 port to the star connector. Get your duplicated prox key with the Ilco look-alike replacement prox, and let's go ahead.

Look for the star port. According to the MYKEYS Pro app, the star connector will be located underneath the glove box. It's like a formed piece of carpet with a couple of these guys holding it together.

Plug the ADC2011 cable to an open port on the star connector and attach the other end to SmartPro.

ADC2011 cable

Get to Vehicle Selection, look for Jeep, Cherokee, and 2019 prox push. There were options wherein you can access the MYKEY'S Pro app. There will be photos, tips, and tricks, and it's going to tell you that the vehicle requires an ADC2011 cable connection. You can always look into it for a couple of good things and more information.

Vehicle selection on SmartPro Key Programmer

Proceed by hitting the connect button. Switch ignition off and click OK. Turn the hazards on; wait for the sound notification before hitting OK.

Connect the SmartPro Key Programmer to Jeep

Check Keys Programmed to see how many keys were working.

SmartPro Key Programmer

Go to Program Keys and hit the play button. Make sure there are no wireless devices like phones and the likes for a safety precaution. If there is none, click OK. 'Found a stored PIN code for this vehicle. Should it use it?' choose Yes. 'Follow the next screens quickly and carefully. Complete within 30 seconds after pressing OK.' This is where you need to get ready, like making sure you have your keys. If everything is ready, click OK.

Note: If it fails, retry. Start from Program keys.

How to use the SmartPro Key Programmer for a Jeep

'Hold the prox key near center console, then press unlock twice on the prox key.' Follow this instruction until Procedure Complete pops up. The number of Programmed keys will increase depending on how many keys were newly programmed.

After each programming, test your newly programmed keys as well as their buttons.

Test your key in the Jeep after setting up with SmartPro Key Programmer

And that's how you program an additional prox key to the 2019 Jeep Cherokee with the SmartPro. There are a couple of things I want to point out. If the procedure failed, in my experience, you're going to get some of those failures for whatever reason, and you want to keep going through it until it works. The other thing I want to bring up is to make sure that your SmartPro is fully charged. A lot of times, when you're hooking up to the OBD 2 port, that's not a problem, but when you're hooking up to the star connector, you want to make sure you have sufficient battery on your SmartPro available. So that's something else to keep in mind. Thank you, and we'll see you next time. 

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