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Key Programming | The Differences Between The Old Vs. New AutoProPAD!

The AutoProPad G2 and Turbo G2 machines are now available. And to assist any lockboss locksmiths out there, I'd like to discuss the distinctions between classic machines and the new G2 format. Prior to delving into the new G2 format, I'd like to discuss the classic machines. There were three of them at one point. There are three versions of the AutoProPAD: the AutoProPAD Basic, the AutoProPAD Lite, and the AutoProPAD, which I refer to as the classic. Now, the AutoProPAD, the top of the line machine without a light or a basic, was the top of the line machine. Now, when we talk about the new G2 two-format, there are two machines: the AutoProPAD G2 and the AutoProPAD G2 Turbo. And what I'm going to do is compare the new G2 Turbo to the AutoProPAD G2 pad Classic.


Let's look at the classic AutoProPAD G2. The AutoProPAD pad classic machine, it always kind of felt more like fancy tablet. Thus, when you first log in or turn it on, you must enter your username and password. The main screen here will resemble this. Now you can download and install the icons. And, when programming, you'll use the cable to connect the AutoProPAD to the OBD 2 port.

And the fundamental steps in key programming with the AutoProPAD are to look for the manufacturer (US Chrysler), agree to the disclaimer, and then enter and select By Vehicle.

 AutoProPAD G2 key programmer

Now that I've used the new AutoProPAD G2 Turbo, I can confirm that everything on the box is true. The user interface has been completely redesigned; there are no tokens or monthly fees required, and then there is the Bluetooth vehicle communication interface. The AutoProPAD G2 Turbo instills in me the spirit of a programmer. It has a much nicer battery, and the new G2 format has three advantages: it's faster, it's easier to use with the new interface, and it does more, all of which we're going to discuss. However, in terms of speed, the interface on here follows you throughout the programming process, which is convenient, but having a good solid battery in here is also extremely convenient. While there is a significant weight difference between the two, neither of these will provide you with large biceps if you curl in between jobs. The AutoProPAD G2 Turbo interface features a neon theme.

 AutoProPAD G2 Turbo


Connecting the AutoProPAD G2 Turbo to the vehicle uses the VCI plus box.

VCI plus box

It works by connecting the cable to the VCI plus box and plug the other end in here to the OBD 2 port. Once connected the LED screen is going to light up with the battery. After that, connect the AutoProPAD G2 Turbo via Bluetooth to the VCI plus box. The nice part about that is you don't have to be in the vehicle tethered to a cable. And if you really think back in the history of really all programming devices, the cables are always seemed to be a weak point. And I think it's less about the cable. And it's more about just the daily grind and wear and tear and moving the machine around making the machine slips and jank and on the cable. As a result, I frequently wonder if one of the primary reasons they chose this route is to avoid having as many cable problems.


The menu is much different from the AutoProPAD classic machine, you're not going to do it the same way. But that's not really a big deal because when you look at the basic menu of the AutoProPAD, you're going to see supported vehicles but you have to be connected via WiFi. However, when you can go in there, you can see all the vehicles, you can go through and look at them. So that's kind of a little something that's a little different that you have to get used to but I will say that interface on this machine, the new UI, especially when you're looking at like supported vehicles, it's very clean, it's easy to navigate, and I think you'll find it very beneficial.

Now, let's go ahead and let's connect the AutoProPAD Turbo to the VCI via Bluetooth, and I'll show you how it works.


 Connect the VCI tool to the OBD2

Connect the VCI tool to the OBD2 port using the cable. Now what's gonna happen is, it's going to show us what the battery voltage is, so this is 12.6.

From then the AutoProPAD will automatically connect to the VCA adapter via Bluetooth, no need for you to manually do it.

Hit the immobilization button, click agree, and then it's going to bring up the menu.

help using the AutoProPAD

Once you have it in there, go by vehicle and get in and do all the stuff that you need to do to program. So that's really the big difference between plugging in like AutoProPAD classic, the OBD 2 cable plugged into the machine compared to just using this adapter here. And then at that point, you're really 0 cables on the machine.

AutoProPAD key programming machine


Since the AutoProPAD G2 Turbo is new and some programs are being develop, it can’t do much but one of the big things that it's alluding to, is the KC501 programming interface that comes with it. The KC 501 and even the cables that are found in the G2 turbo, will give you the capabilities of doing BMW and Mercedes and so there's a lot coming. You can already see it coming and hopefully that stuff will start to come out.


And there you have it. The main differences between the AutoProPAD G2 Turbo and the AutoProPAD classic. Now, one of the best parts about this video is you know, this is new into the new G2 and G2 turbo format. And as time goes on, as the capabilities increase, this video will actually become more and more inaccurate, which is why if you have additional information to add as time goes on, please in the comments below, who want to put information in there. So, people when they're reading it and they want to know more, they can look in the comments and get more info.

You can buy your AutoProPad Programmer at CLK Supplies.

I'd like to add a quick note about the distinctions between the G2 and the G2 Turbo. Essentially, the primary difference is that it is a completely new machine; it is significantly faster, has significantly improved hardware, and features the new interface. Now, you can connect it to the machine with a standard cable, but you'll be missing out on a lot of the Future EPROM and Key precoding information. That is why I was so excited to create the blog and video comparison between the G2 Turbo and the classic, because if history has taught us anything about key programming machines, it is that technology will require the machines to become more advanced over time. And so, if you can afford the G2 Turbo over the standard G2, I highly recommend it because it's one of those things that, in a few short years, you'll be glad you did. As a result, I'd love to hear your questions in the comments section below. We appreciate your time and will see you again!

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